Love Me Poem by deepanshi sabnani

Love Me

Pull me harder,
Dig your fingers under my flesh,
Kiss me till my lips bleed,
Kiss my body,
Until each part is red,
Surround me with your arms,
Let my waist be your hook,
Trace the contour of my breasts,
Make me fall short of breathe,
Take my hips and place them on yours,
Let me feel the stiffness down there,
Lay our bodies on the couch,
Let me feel the weight of your bones,
Touch me everywhere you can,
The body and the soul,
Touch your lips to mine sometime,
Don’t kiss just touch,
Let me feel the softness of your tongue,
The warmth of your breathe,
The depth of your love,
Touch your eyelids to mine,
Let the tears combine,
Let me feel your beard on my cheek,
Let me lay upon you someday,
Let my hair tickle your neck,
My chest becoming fuller with each touch of yours,
Let me breath and the breathe be yours,
Let me smile on your lips,
Let my tongue do the ear job,
And you pinch my hips,
Trace my neck with your lips,
Forming loops every now and then,
Make me mourn in pleasure,
And be at a loss of breathe,
Lay in the corner hugging me tight,
Our bodies stuck like glue,
When neither is in a hurry to leave,
Love me as long as you can do.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Jinnarul Islam 08 October 2014

Real feeling. Amazing!

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Julia Luber 07 June 2019

Very intense, commanding poetry.

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C F 31 January 2019

Very intense emotion, very real, earthy wordings but very poetical. Super, well done.... thanks for sharing

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 31 January 2019

NOW u make me feel a longgggggggggg bit behind time how i wish i was younger o ung miss what have i missed read my romantics

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Sekharan Pookkat 11 January 2015

wonderful expression- love can be expressed in different ways too - read my poems and add your comments

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Jinnarul Islam 08 October 2014


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