I Fear Poem by deepanshi sabnani

I Fear

Rating: 4.5

In this fearless world
M full of fear,
In this outgoin world
I fear….

I do not fear death
But that
They’ll beat me to pieces,
Burn me to ashes….

I do not fear of sumone,
But of losin myself to sumone….

I do not fear of the competition,
But of getting crushed in it....

Its not the fear of ne enemies,
But of my very own frends….

Its not the fear of growing older,
But of not getting to grow up….

Its not the fear of makin decisions,
But of losin myself to sumone else’s decisions….

I do not fear of books,
But of its contents....

I do not fear dreamin,
But transformin them to reality….

I do not fear learning,
But of learning the right things….

I do not fear speakin,
But of speakin the ‘truth’….

Its not that I dun have that strength,
But I fear showing it off….

Its not that I cant face the bloody world,
But I fear facing it…………………………..

Chinedu Dike 17 May 2015

Well articulated piece of poetry, nicely penned with insight. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Saint Cynosure 16 October 2014

This poem is fearless and beautiful...

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