The Song Poem by deepanshi sabnani

The Song

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You don't know how it feels,
When you know a song yet cannot sing,
It's a lump in the throat,
Cannot gulp,
Cannot barf,
Each word flowing through your veins,
Each note a goose bump,
You hear more than the lyrics,
You swallow more than just tears,
Sing between the lines,
Live more than the song,
You know it right?
When the song is close to its climax,
You know you'll die a little inside too,
Yet cannot sing,
Yet cannot dance,
Word by word the song engulfs,
Day after day you're drowning deeper,
You want to touch it,
Consume it,
Let it take over your soul,
Yet you cannot sing,
It's the same song,
Day in and day out,
With you,
Ringing in your head and toes,
Yet you cannot sing,
It feels new each day,
Draws you deeper,
You're charmed by its beauty,
Wonder how it came through,
Your way,
And changed you,
Damaged you,
Kept you,
You know you don't own it,
Yet you want it,
By your side,
It's the only one on your playlist,
You don't want else to hear it,
Yet you cannot sing,
I feel the same about you baby,
I hear the song every day,
Yet cannot sing it,
Touch it,
Feel it.

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and art

Can you compose this poem to song, I can understand how hard to sing through this poem. Wonderful poem, keep sharing.

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C F 13 July 2019

I chance to visit your poem again, and again I'm still awed by the passion of his verse. I wish you will write more poetry.10+

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C F 20 February 2019

A great song of yearning.... very well written. Hoping you will write more....

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 31 January 2019

this is though long but very sweet do read my poems too MOMS SMILES WILL DO

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