Delilah Miller

Rookie (San Diego)

Delilah Miller Poems

1. Things I Could Have Forgiven 12/10/2006
2. To Every Walking Girl. 12/22/2006
3. Ode To The Unique In Everyone 12/26/2006
4. Lost Can Mend? 12/26/2006
5. Passion Is Easy. 1/6/2007
6. Time-Framed 1/9/2007
7. Love Of 2 Novas 2/12/2007
8. Immaturity Keeps You From Me 2/13/2007
9. I Let Me Get In Your Way 4/1/2007
10. Goodnight You 4/23/2007
11. Feels As Real As It Should 5/2/2007
12. Unimpressive Poets 5/26/2007
13. Decided To Be A Poet 5/26/2007
14. Independence Is Weightless 5/29/2007
15. Thoughts On Humanity 7/17/2007
16. Ones That Use You 7/21/2007
17. Tell It To Me 3/15/2007
18. Life Is The Longest 7/28/2007
19. I Woke Up In Your Doorway 9/3/2007
20. Fishing 9/6/2007
21. So Far 11/15/2007
22. Creative Writing: I Am Poem 11/18/2007
23. Black Cherry,121a 12/1/2007
24. Boy Who Stole My Heart 12/1/2007
25. Grande Amor 9/30/2007
26. Kiss The Mirror 1/28/2008
27. I'Ll Allow It 3/1/2008
28. Be Teased 3/1/2008
29. My Sisters And Me 3/28/2008
30. Everybody, There's One Symbol 4/14/2008
31. Black Licorice 4/26/2008
32. He Lets Me Call Him Jim 4/29/2008
33. Happy Enough To Never Write Again 5/4/2008
34. My White Skirt 5/9/2008
35. Group Subconscious 5/10/2008
36. 'Moods Erase Me' 5/10/2008
37. Valentine's Day 2/14/2008
38. Crossing With My Eyes Closed 5/20/2008
39. Please, Don'T Call Me An Artist 5/27/2008
40. Are You Itching? 6/9/2008

Comments about Delilah Miller

  • Ivan Donn Carswell (8/19/2008 11:26:00 PM)

    Delilah Miller is a promising young poet. She is imaginative and uses excellent descriptive skills coupled with fine poetic insight. I recommend a close watch on her writing, she is truly on the move! Rgds, Ivan

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  • Thad Wilk (9/8/2007 12:13:00 AM)

    I enjoyed reading your poem (Hopeful) it all came together excellently! !

  • Kyle Harbinger (7/4/2007 8:33:00 PM)

    Reading your poetry is so refreshing- keep doin' what you're doin'!

  • Aron Heroux (12/10/2006 6:43:00 PM)

    You've got a lot of passion burning in you. Does it show, or is it contained quietly in your writing? Either way, I think there's honesty in your fire. Kudos.

Best Poem of Delilah Miller


Blue sky,
blue sky.

Looking at you, wishing the day by.

Blue sky,
purple sky.

Storm coming in, here it is, there's the eye.

Blue sky,
grey sky.

The earth is wailing, the thunder yells, and the clouds cry.

Blue sky,
grey sky,
black sky.

Tore away at the moon, swallowed stars, listened to the sun die.

Black sky
Green sky
Orange sky
Red sky
Pink and yellow and mean sky.

Come on and roll in; it's only in my mind.

Read the full of Sky-Minded

Lost Can Mend?

After it’s all over,
and I have lost;
did not end up with the item I treasured
or the boy I wanted the most,
My life goes on.
Doesn’t it?
I hear the birds and I wake to their songs?
Don’t I?
And people are anywhere I walk along.

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