Deluke Muwanigwa Poems

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Ph On Ph

Ph on PH

I would like to take the Ph on PH
To scientifically verify the acidity

A Perfect Person

A perfect person

A perfect person
Is not perfect per se

The Pain Of Growing Up

The pain of growing up

When i was a wee little boy
I was afeared of my pop's ploy

My Poems

My Poems.

Most of my me time is taken up by poetry
An observer sees me typing on my cellphone

The Drinkers

Street poetry...Replacing door glass

The drinkers

When I Was Young

When i was young my dad was very strict
He didn't want me to be a thug in the street
My father taught me the importance of time keeping
The bad side of lying to get out of situations by fiddling

Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

Sunday the fifth of December twenty twenty one.
I was in one of those meditative moods

Basic Instinct

Basic instinct

I miss the basic instinct
Before love went extinct

Love In A Cage

True Love (in Faraday Cage)

True love gives you wings to fly away
To the land of ecstasy far faraway

Ode To Poetess Paida Mudzamba

Ode to poetess Paida Mudzamba

I feel renewed on this planetto find out that i am not wierd after all. I have written a lot of poems for some time now. I would write and write and no one would be interested in reading them. Then i was told about PH.

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