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If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
Would you realize I was gone
Or would you forget what you can't see?

This writing is very special
To make you all aware
To teach you of a disease
Most people don't like to share

I really didn't want it
I swear I told him NO
No matter what I said
He wouldn't let me go

I see you looking back at me
With absolute disgrace
You don't even blink an eye
Just a blank stare on your face

I'm finally here
To find out my fate
It's been six long months
No longer can I wait

Dear Grandma
How I miss you so
I wish you were here
To watch my children grow

My little baby brother
Born the last of three
March 16th,1976
That's what that date would be

Angels on our side
was the song that was sang
Angels on our side
In my head those words still rang

Voices in the night
They keep me awake
They try to control me
And what decisions I make

I sit silent in the cold dark night
For I shall never speak again
My desperate cries in the moonlight
Cowardly I drown my sorrows in sin

I know she is watching me
She can see the constant pain
She has sent me an angel
To help stop my tears from falling like rain

I want to share a story
Of a baby I once knew
His name was Kobe Allen
My little baby nephew

Oh Heavenly Father
I come to you today, to help me find the strength
To make it through this day, See Dear Father
my heart has been broken and I'm desperately confused,


God knows I need you
To get well and come home
I miss your morning phone calls
For now I feel alone

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I am a 45 year old mother of 2. I like to write in my spare time. I am currently a Certified Medical Assistant in Columbus, Ohio)

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If I Leave Here Tomorrow

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
Would you realize I was gone
Or would you forget what you can't see?

Did I make a difference
In at least one persons life?
Was I what you expected
Or just a selfish wife?

Who will truly miss me?
What would they tell my son?
Did anyone think I was special?
Did anyone think I was Fun?

These things I constantly
Think about each and every day
What would they say about me?
Who would be there my final day?

Would they tell my daughter
Special things about me
Or would they let her forget
What she can no longer see?

These things eat at me
Causing me much pain
If I could let it go
I'd probably be more sane.

I just feel so alone and
Always feel left out
When it is my time to go
I don't want there to be any doubt.

So if I leave here tomorrow
And you do remember me
Just make sure to carry my memory
And never forget the things you cannot see.

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Loretta Rowley 14 March 2008

I have always looked up to you and you are the one who got me to start writing poetry, Your writings are so beautiful. There I know is a lot of emotion behind what you write. I can feel it in my heart. Make sure you share with us these wonderful works of art. XOXO~Loretta

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Shannon Chapel 30 January 2006

Denise, I've read all 8 of your poems (everything that you have posted as of 8: 13 pm Mountain Time on 1-30-06) and have found each one to be delightful. I look forward to more from you. Welcome! You'll be a great addition to P.H. With much respect and love, Shannon xoxo

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'A Kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal'

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