Dhiren Doley Poems

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My Heart Is A Post Office

From whence, untraceable
My heart became a post office
A letter everyday is stamped
To post to the address of yours;

I'm In The Middle East

Things fell apart
Time had run off
And the wall of humanity broken down
The soldiers have tied their saddles

To Love You, O… You River

A fetus, by mistake, was conceived
In my mom's womb-
To love you;
And tearing all the walls of birth pain

The Moon I Missed

The Moon I Missed

The Sun asked me, ‘Are you happy’
I told ‘Not at all’

Why Was I Crying?

From far a mountain cleft
A broken voice came through the jungle wind
Probably a baby's cry
I was sleeping already

O…. You Moon

O…. you Moon
One night in the beginning of autumn
You came down with your beauty full
To the garden of rose

The Emotional Words Of......

She, all along the way, smiled, I thought
Heaven came down, joy filled my soul
Rejuvenated the nights cold, I was enthused

If You Die In Rain

If you die in rain
I can set fire to the cloud
So that you live for me a thousand years
As you have lived;

To: Someone Who Bids Me Bye Everyday

I kissed the sky
The cloud melted and fell;
I touched the Moon
Darkness covered the atmosphere;

A Fool In The Selfish World

He steps out with a wilted heart
Asks everyone he greets in the streets
'Where can I learn to be selfish? '
They're mum, no reply

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