To Love You, O… You River Poem by Dhiren Doley

To Love You, O… You River

A fetus, by mistake, was conceived
In my mom's womb-
To love you;
And tearing all the walls of birth pain
I took the human form
Droplets of blood oozed
Breaking the womb of my mother

I sacrifice the sky
The Moon, the Sun and the stars
My flesh, blood and bones
My pleasure, my nights and hopes;
I do to love you

To love you
I live a thousand nights
In the forest of emotion

I am a Jew in maroon
To love you

At the cost of all my blood
I bear in my bosom
A promise made to love you

German you are
Philistine you are
And I, I am Jew
Because I love you;
Desert me alone,
Imprison me in the secluded island
Leave me in the billows of the seas
O.. yet, touch not my heart,
Instead of all my twinge
I want to love you

To love you
O… river
I am reeds, giant reeds
Growing on your bank
With the floods of all your cruelty
Peel and erode and flow me far
Yet, let me and my existence
Merge into your eternal mobility
And my past and my emotion
And my senses
Let me dissolve in your unkindness

O you river
Let me merge with you

To Love You, O… You River
Monday, September 28, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: emotion
Kumarmani Mahakul 07 March 2020

Thrilling expression. Full of emotion. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Kunal Nayak 12 May 2016

You well swim in the river of your imaginations. I enjoyed reading your poem To love you O... you river. You are a capable player of your thoughts. May God bless you to catch all the thoughts that pass through your mind

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Dhiren Doley 12 May 2016

Thanks. Your comment is greater than my poems. Great stock of words and thoughts.

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M Asim Nehal 07 October 2015

Pungent and telling..............Extremely good write on the subject, I liked it.

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Dhiren Doley 11 December 2015

Thank you very much

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Mihaela Pirjol 30 September 2015

A very powerful and passionate write, written from the depths of your heart. Beautiful!

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Dhiren Doley 02 October 2015

Thanks a lot for your comment.

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