One Day Poem by Diane Monte

One Day

Rating: 4.5

One day in your life,
You will be needing me.

That one day,
Your life will change.

That day,
You will be with me...

And that day,
Will be your best day...

My child,
You will not know your day....

Use your one day,
To know me in one day.

Saturday, March 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,god
Marvin Tordillos 04 April 2019

Use your one day, To know me in one day. A powerful line! Thanks creating this poem :)

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Jazib Kamalvi 01 September 2017

A great spiritual write. Thank you very much, Diane

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Diane Montemayor 01 September 2017

Dear Sir Jazib, Thank you for the message.. Sincerely, diane

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Ernest Makuakua 05 March 2017

Beautiful Sometimes we neglect those who care about us and its unfortunate when they are no longer there to give the advice. We turn away from God but he works in us regardless of our ways he is an unconditionally Loving father Thanks for sharing

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Diane Montemayor 05 March 2017

Dear Sir Ernest, Thank you..Yea you are right sir.. God wants everyone to know him even in just one day, , but human are always busy and have their priorities in life than knowing God even in one day... Sincerely, diane

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