The Tale Of Departure Retold Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

The Tale Of Departure Retold

Rating: 4.9

The sudden departure of the beloved ones
Often casts many a dark cloud on our blue sky of life
It cripples us and tests our mobility across the track full of boulders
And then leaves us stranded with many a pedestrian passing by.
They have to find their closed tracks sooner or later.

First we bury our dear departed and shed tears,
Next we contemplate a lot about them with sobbing hearts
Then we begin to live with the losses surmounted.
As our past and present entwining with our sails still set on,
We become taciturn and then the world begins to discuss us.

Then comes time for our own departure another episode eventual
And that day we become historical like our predecessors
Who have been bidden adieu from a shaking platform.
We have to make others tell the tale now
As the coldest leveller has ever been honoured thus.

Everyone has to kick the bucket once
Every survivor has to perish on a day auspicious.
We soon enter the domains of others` reveries
Our beloved will now contest in swimming across the waves of adversity
But finally we cease to be talked of much on a later day.

We have all come for a mere short stay with all equals here
And none have the privilege to extend the stay much beyond the mark.
The ones overstaying leave with wetter eyes, we have to note
For every surviving one may not ask for it as we often presume.
We quit a life each time and add to the order of a chance existence.

Thousands of dying stars far from our human concerns
Leave the space with no survivor writing an elegy
And many newborns know not that their first cry is their last too.
So, dear ones live your lives just for a mere show
And board the train that zooms into oblivion.

Geetha Jayakumar 19 September 2013

Fantastic write..Yes, everyone has to kick the bucket once. Every one have to perish once. Burried once. Beautiful Souls are those whose memories are still alive in our hearts. Yes, if we could be counted in that, what more can be beautiful than that..Some people make so much impact in other lives that they are often remembered. Yes, there are many whose birth as well as death is not known to anyone.... As usual, beautiful way it is presented..Loved reading it.

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Om Chawla 19 September 2013

An excellent write. Specially loved the stanza: 'We have all come for a mere short stay.... ........ The ones over staying leave with wetter eyes....' Loved reading it, most certainly would attract several visits.

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Valsa George 19 September 2013

This is no way a gilded tale, but every line, an assertion and extension of a blatant truth! The story of generations coming into this world where everyone has an equal right of belonging and exiting out to leave way for the succeeding generation! For everyone, there comes a time when all our movements freeze. ' None has the privilege to extend the stay much beyond the mark' So, dear ones live your lives just for a mere show And board the train that zooms into oblivion. A beautiful poem... plain and transparent with no extra embellishments !

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Kavya . 19 September 2013

an amazing poem Sir...loved it...........a very nice message to live the life to the entirety to leave no regrets later

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Shahzia Batool 19 September 2013

a perfect read, like a smooth ride...a modern epic of human life, without any exaggeration...i took it to heart personally...! ! !

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Manali menon 10 April 2018

Very nice

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 December 2015

Death is part of us on this earth. Nice work

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 30 September 2013

dear ones live your lives Beautiful message. For those who leave it is a release. Past for them is erased. Those who live remember them. Nice poem. Thank you.

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Heather Wilkins 29 September 2013

the important thing is how we live our lives. Making the most of each day. We enter and some day we must leave being happy whie we are here is important. a good read

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Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair 25 September 2013

Life is but one long corridor With doors at either end And its natural that we eventually leave With or without proper goodbyes said...... (good work - keep writing)

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