A Village In Flood Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

A Village In Flood

Rating: 5.0

A village in flood pleads for mercy
With its habitat done with disaster sans mercy.
The tears roll down and soon mix with flood waters
And the homes deserted do not dry back up to the rafters.

A village down with grief like a lass loved and forsaken
With a few faces turning upwards and their sighs going aloud.
The livestock look scared like kids orphaned or forgotten
And the new threats of the skies reach the basements beloved.

A village in starvation longs for its loaf of bread
With anxiety writ large on its wrinkled and feverish forehead.
An Ark is not there to carry these Noahs and their kith and kin
And the Creator plays his mischief unlike 'then'.

A village in floods intercepts my poetic fantasies for now
With its pale form ransacking my cheesy thoughts.
A new dwarfed rose blooms out within my orchard for how
There will ever sprout a thorn even beneath its roots!

Chandra Thiagarajan 24 July 2013

You have wonderfully painted a picture of the village in flood. The concluding para' is fantastic which I enjoyed much!

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The readers will get a vivid picture of a village that is in flood.Magical words and touching write.jk

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Valsa George 25 July 2013

The rain and flood play havoc and there is hardly anyone to feel for the people who have lost their lives and habitation! Those who have houses in the coastal regions live in knee deep water! There is starvation and epidemics! But the people who are to give a helping hand are busy discussing stories of scams and corruption! But Dinesh, as a poet is ever sensitive to such miseries around! He is someone with his sympathies and support, always for the deprived! A great write! !

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Geetha Jayakumar 27 July 2013

Excellent write. So true...Many people loose their lives, worst part is the ones who is left behind to survive, with no loaf of bread, epidemic spreading so quickly.. Shivering in water....dead bodies floating in water. A very good write as if I could picturise it...

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Neela Nath Das 27 July 2013

Very natural and elaborate expression.The wretched condition of the marooned people, their suffering have been penned sympathetically.A good poem indeed.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 August 2013

tragedy of human kind by heaven as we are treacherous so He take the ride to awake excellent poem thank you

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Yasmin Khan 14 August 2013

The other side of the coin, rain is not just romantic. It brings plight for villagers. and you have described it realistically.

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Hazel Durham 28 July 2013

An excellent and powerful write with the intensity of the terrible situation brought to life so vividly!

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Heather Wilkins 27 July 2013

a village in flood is a tragic situation to its residents. unprotected against nature. a good read.

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Ramesh Rai 27 July 2013

An Ark is not there to carry these Noahs and their kith and kin And the Creator plays his mischief unlike 'then'. through this poem you have sketched the exact picture of a flood victim village. a great job indeed.

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