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Doctorate in Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations, the University of Chicago.

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To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird... By Jacques Prévert

First paint a cage
With an open door
Then paint
Something pretty

A Thousand Poems- (In Honor Of Sandra Feldman)

As I watch the news
Or read history
I'm sickened by Human

Tragedy And Comedy

Tragedy and Comedy
So intertwined!
We are born to die:
That is the tragedy!

The Bonnie Brides Of Bri (In Honor Of Bri Edwards)

All the former Brides of Bri
How they sigh and sigh!
My, how they miss him—
That wonderful guy!

Catskill Winter,2015

Blowing snow
And it ain't cocaine
Though it's white
It's three feet deep,

Eugene Levich Comments

Walterrean Salley 08 November 2016

An astute poet of impressive works.

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Bri Edwards 10 June 2016

I'M SURE I DID not MEAN TO TYPE (on a self-correcting tablet) final exam when i first left a comment (below) about my friend Eugene aka Gino. i probably typed A fine young man...! bri :) technology! hmmph! ! !

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Bri Edwards 18 May 2016

A final exam young (heh heh) man, but not (quite) as smart as I am. Anyone could pretend to translate poems from Chinese to English; who could tell? ? Bri :)

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Sandra Feldman 11 August 2014

Great Wisdom and Great Taste, A Gentleman of grace.

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