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I hear the rain,
and your voice sound.
I feel the thunder,
And your heart pound.


You remind me of misery.
The misery of want,
The misery of need
The misery of love.


Only you in my eyes,
do my eyes see.
Only your love,
to my life

It's what you cannot say.
Cannot write.
Cannot bring those words together,

Your eyes as the loss of ill timed fate.
Your voice as the soft sensual heartbreak.
Your tears as the time of have never been.
Your smile as the thought I think to see again.

2 again
2 pretend.
2 day
2 pray.

Its true,
that with you I could have love.
But one thing I will have never,
is forever.

Love lost,
Love gained,
all the same.

To write this,
Is to do what i avoid.
To make eye contact longer,
Than myself looking down.

In your absence
From my presence,
Of this time
And now.

I see your posts.
On occasion or two.
I feel sadness for your times.
I feel joy,

Your eyes,
Your eyes they lie.
Inside of you is something,
So beautiful

The Reason I leave
is not shortness of breath,
but rather I cannot breathe.
And if I cannot breathe,

You ask my words,
though I have none.
Only this that has begun
it is without words.

That momentary glance
even more so,
of an orchid or a rose.
A beauty and a serenity

Open black notebook,
Page doesn't matter.
Only paper.
It's paper I flatter.

She has, not just so simple beauty in her eyes.
And not just a glow.
She has in love in them.
I pray for her, for whomever it is,

I love you..
Even as the water does flow,
Always knowing its way.
I love you..

I have already touched you.
Felt your fingertips.
Touched your mouth,
Tasted your lips.

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Thank you. -donnie)

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Because The Rain

I hear the rain,
and your voice sound.
I feel the thunder,
And your heart pound.
With a tear I pray,
in a sky still blue.
Because the rain,
reminds me of you.

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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

A talented one with poetic sensibility..

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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

You are a romantic poet by heart..wish you a long way to travel with beautiful poem...thanks

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A sensitive soul, a handsome man, poetic patriot, and my own friend....[3

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Donnie Wolff Quotes

It is not given unto us to understand a women, it is given unto us to love her.

in thought and mind i often find no reason written nor reason been taught, except in thought and aftermind a reason written and been taught for no other reason than being a thought.

Better to die of love, then to never have died before.

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Donnie Wolff Popularity

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