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Surrounded by mountains
Clouds hiding their peaks
I feel so much at home
ThIs floral valley, heart. seeks

Winter mornings
Misty dawns
Shivering sunshine
Dew drops on lawns

Today I dance
The dance of seven veils
One over other
In layers they are draped

I felt it today
The detachment
from attachment
The connection

And the neighbours just stood by
Watching me being dragged as I cried
Now not a single spineless soul
Comes forward to say

Space travellers
All night revellers
CEOs to
Nobel prize winners

Your imprints
On my body
On my soul
Will remain

These tangled yarns
Of human relations
A neat ball of wool
Changes into fuzzy creation

let us go ahead
and compete
for the mood is
so upbeat

A sick society gives rise to sick people
or vice versa, I still wonder
One woman is a home maker
While other is a home breaker

This year that I turned forty 3
I think I feel now much more free
The threshold of forty was just so great
enriching my life, to so much


At this stage
my chronological age
is not a road block.
But just a pebble

Of my

This distance
That lies
Between you
And my smiles

As a young fledgling
I was always itching
To take off and fly
In the endless sky

When things
Go bad
And I go
Slipping down

Too many muted cries
shut out behind
those thick doors.
Too many spirits broken

Like tress that have
grown apart
although together
they were

Soul mates
Soul mates
They Do exist
You are mine

My old cotton coat
Many wrinkles
To explore
Many rents

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RHYMES WITHOUT A REASON I think treating/healing people is my calling.A Homeopathic Physician and a Nutritionist by profession. A spontaneous untrained dancer.Performed internationally Rajasthani folk dance and won many accolades. Poems never came to me until I turned 40. I was nudged into it by my very dear friend an Iranian poet herself Ms Maya Marayam Aghamiri.But many other friends have been encouraging me, Mrs Neethu John is one of my most ardent admirer and supporter. I always call my poems as a collection of 'Rhymes Without A Reason'. Life has been hard and times have been tough and I guess that is what led to my transformation into someone who enjoys penning down verses...or else I am just another ordinary soul.)

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My Wondrous Dream

Surrounded by mountains
Clouds hiding their peaks
I feel so much at home
ThIs floral valley, heart. seeks

Tiny rivulets
crisscross the ground
Their trickling voices
So much joy unbound

Tweeting and chirping
Gathering leaves and sticks
These little birds
Have their nests to fix

Waft of cool breeze
Heightens my senses
So many fragrances
Mix and match dances

I too join in
Humming own soulful songs
For the longest time
I have been so forlorn

Hearing me sing
Mighty Mountains would begin
Reverberating Echoes of my voice
I hear music all around

Breathless with exhilaration
I fight my temptation
To stay here forever
And never be gone

But it's just a dream
A virtual world
With wondrous theme
It's time to wake up
Face the world 's
Real scene

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Rinky 18 January 2018

Pls help me write a poem my school ssss khalsa Sen sec school

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Rajnish Manga 27 December 2017

I have read a couple of poems written by Nalini. She seems to have acquired a wide range of experience having transformed them into her poetic preserve. I also appreciate her love of nature, optimism and sensible portrayal of life around. Wishing her all the very best.

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