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! Abacus: Counting The Days!

Are we forgotten like this, so easily;
maybe all the pathways of the world were ignorant,
or was it me? unaware of the currents and currencies?
But, a half defeat leaves such a bad taste in my heart.

! Destiny: Thou Remained Enigma.

It is here, in the veins and I can feel it,
The dusk of life, the nearing of days.
And here I am, with thoughts to
Grab an image of charm, of scenic fragrance,

Forms, Shapes, Lines.

Sufferings, pain and agony
Reach me wherever I am; wherever they live;
Of a lone traveler’s feelings and all he suffers
In that journey,

A Busy Day; They Are All Alike.

There is cold weather embedded,
In the hearts of people,
I keep busy in covering them
With patches of bright sunshine;

Aborted Words!

In the glare of scorching sun were caravans
Of spring, beds and beds of roses, in the buds,
Dreams upon dreams in my eyes, in your eyes,
All of it withered away, in the dust of scorching sun.

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