Beautiful Butterfly Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Beautiful Butterfly

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In a beautiful butterfly,
Your face comes so true to me.

Through a pretty butterfly
You come flying so serene into me.

As the tiny wings flutter
I watch with love and joy
and wonder how it could be
that I see your face coming to me.

With beauty and grace
you perch among the flowers
as if searching for a special place.
Oh if I could only turn my heart
into a bed of flowers
for you to fly and hide
and secretly whisper to me
with fluttering wings how you love me.

Warm and kind is our friendship
so rare like a beautiful butterfly.

Welcome to my garden of happy thoughts
where butterflies fly along
the paths of lovely flowers.

You are so special in my life.
So innocent and pure is our friendship.
I care for you with a heart full of joy.
You are mine, I love you.

God, help me not to be possessive.
Love is freedom in true sense.
Possession is selfishness.
God, help me not to be possessive.

(When we fall in love, we think love is possessing the other. It takes time and maturity to realize that real love is freedom and never possessive. So we do experience divinity in selfless love. I believe, in every love affair, God is at play. If not, love is doomed to fail) .

Beautiful Butterfly
Lorraine Colon 29 September 2015

In this poem, you speak of a friendship with someone who, it seems, should be more than a friend. It is a beautiful expression of love - this is how I interpret it. As for your note at the bottom, I must question your statement that love is freedom and never possessive. I think love begs to be possessive, to an extent. Possession means belonging to someone. What could be more beautiful or satisfying than knowing you belong to someone and the one you love belongs to you. This is the fulfillment and completeness that love demands, to become as one. We willingly agree to be part of our loved one's life - to complete them. Yes, this involves possession. Two people belonging to each other. This is not selfishness. Of course, possession can be carried to the extreme, and that is not acceptable. And with this comes the freedom you speak of. Two people belonging to each other, free to come and go, and knowing they can trust each other when they are not together. I understand everyone has their own opinion about love. Thank you for letting me express mine.

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Bharati Nayak 11 September 2015

If only I could turn my heart Into a bed of flowers For you to fly and hide And secretly whisper to me with fluttering wings how you love me- -So beautiful expression of love! Love is at a higher level when it is without the desire to possess.Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem.

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 26 April 2018

I love butterflies. I wonder why they call them butter flies. Why not cheese flies? In French, they are called papillons. Nice poem! ! !

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Susan Williams 25 May 2018

Thank you for the humor! You made me giggle

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 23 February 2016

beautiful butterfly 'tis

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Misnia Bahri 01 May 2024

I've given you 5 rate I love the way you describe true friendship is from the heart meaningful poetry Dr.Antony

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Rob Lamberton 06 February 2023

Ah, the value of love and friendship; thank you the lessons from the lovely butterfly and your own experiences!

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Anzelyne 30 November 2021

Great poetry as always

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 July 2021

A wonderful poem! Tenderly presented! !

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Only those who are very near to God can perceive beauty in everything.

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