Lost In Your Light Poem by Dr. Debasish Mridha

Lost In Your Light

Rating: 4.4

I am your beloved, lost in your love.
For long, my heart is longing for light.
Oh! You are my light; you are my sky.
My mind is flying like a dove in a joyful flight.
Far away over the boundary of time,
We are longing to go out of sight.
I am holding your hand, but love,
You are so bright; I am lost in your light.

Banshari Mridha 27 January 2013

WOW! ! ! this one is my fav

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Annie Charbonneau 14 January 2013

Debasish Mridha is an inspirational and up lifting writer. He gives people strength and inspiration to get through everyday life.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 25 June 2013

Nicely expressed all the joy of love. Please also read my complementary poem 'Devoted to You'. Thank you.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 12 February 2015

A sweet, lovely thread well crafted and fraught with a deep feeling of love and wisdom.

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N. A. 23 December 2014

The idea behind this poem, that this love is all consuming- so romantic!

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Denise Orrin 25 September 2014

I love this poem! It's very sweet and romantic. Very nice word choices.

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Adeline Foster 11 October 2013

Nice little love ditty. Read mine - O Dearest Love - Adeline

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Heather Wilkins 21 July 2013

beautiful love poem. I am lost in your light, nice quote love it

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