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Dr. Harry Hamburger is an ophthalmologist, Breslev Reb (Chassidic Teacher) , and poet. He writes about inspiration and political matters that will inspire, and open up your eyes. He is present working on a 15 volume book of Chassidic poetry, and has written over 3000 poems to date.

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06 May 2015

You can tear the flesh from my bones, but I will see only light. The only thing in this world that we control is our attitude.

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Book of Life lies open

with patterns we can see

the secrets of the Universe

where soul is set free

It is all very simple

and contained in the words

which give order to chaos

and make clear the absurd

Cannot be understood with science

and superstition will always fail

needs a well trained eye

before big picture can prevail

It begins in small way

when separate meaning from sight

see the colors and textures

shining from moon at night

Sometimes when look very hard

things will tremble and disappear

until there is only light

and the meaning becomes clear

Dr. Harry Hamburger Popularity

Dr. Harry Hamburger Popularity

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