Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Dream Poems

Dream Land

Wonderful and creative imaginary land
No proof or evidence of anybody’s hand
Happiness all over with beautiful friends
Not to invade, not to venture and not to end

Let Us Breathe And Dream

God forbid me from showing disrespect
To any person, faith, cast. and color to react
With words of despair and hatred
And allow only lovely words to read

I Dream

In day time I dream
And in night I scream
Get nothing on hand
And unnecessarily land

Dream About Future

Cool moon
Sun in noon
Gives joy
In different mood to enjoy

Dream With Confusion

Dream with confusion

Leave the country
If shows apathy

Dream For Future

Dream for future

more i try
the hart sinks and fel shy

Dream Packed Drama

I feel as prince
With different class
The kingdom is inherited
But not well suited

Never Dream

Sometimes life doesn't give you what you want, not because
you don't deserve it, but because you deserve so much more., , ,

A Beautiful Dream

A beautiful dream
Wednesday,2nd October 2019

I feel pain

The Beautiful Dream

The beautiful dream
Wednesday,2nd October 2019

I feel pain

Own Dream And Style

Own dream and style

No one has time to feel
About your sorrows and then fill

Dream For

Dream for future e

I am born fighter
And has proved it as writer

Dream About

Dream about
Thursday,4th April 2019

As the green field fascinates

Build A Dream

I have a crazy feeling that makes me build a dream. I came to this world with a goal and I will not leave without fulfilling it…………….Elo M.Rivera

Build a dream
Friday,29th March 2019

An Age-Old Dream

An age-old dream
Monday,27 thAugust 2018

Where are we today?

Love- You Dream

Love - you dream
Sunday,5th January 2020

You try to be ignorant

Dreamers Dream

Dreamers dream
Tuesday,17th December 2019

You may dream anything

Dream Of

Dream of
Monday,16th September 2019

I dream of sunbeam

Dream Of Country

Dream of country

Let our dreams come true
As we pass through

Dream About Rainbow

I see I very clear
Now no fears
The confusion is pushed behind
I have no more dark clouds to find

Let Us Dream Again

I have all the more
To explore
Best way
To stay

My Dream And

My dream

Saturday, April 21,2018
10: 13 PM

Yes, Dream And Practice

Yes, dream and practice

Thursday, March 29,2018
7: 14 AM

Dream Girl

Dream girl

Give no reason for silence
As it is your stance

Dream And Carry

Dream and carry

Dream and carry
Feel no sorry

Dream And Heart

Oh my lovely dream and heart
To feel for others is lovely art
It comes from within with real touch
I too feel same as such

Dream And Find

Dream and find
Person so kind
Besides you
To prove true

Day Dream

The desire and goal
Certainly wants honest call
Hard work and determination
Strong resolve with indication

Dream No Such Land

O noble soul, dream such holy land
Where rules foe but only friends
Think of no rich or poor
But only peaceful neighbor

Dream Any

Day time I am awake
That keeps many things at sake
Love strikes at root
I put down my foot

Let Us Dream

Not all can think
A masterly art to sink
And rise again with vigor
And show courage with honor

One Must Dream

I am kind of an ordinary writer
I said this to number of times to others
With humble approach and decent writing
This was all I could do for delighting

My Dream

I wished it to happen
You could get pulse of it even
I make desperate bid to come out
But have inability to talk about

Foe May Dream

Just little smile
For a while
From dearest friend
Can bring happiness to dead end

It Is Day Dream

It is day dream
In the absence of beam
But not in dark room
It is in open with blossom

Dream Shore

I dream of holy land
Where exists dream with friend
She is all for me forever
How can I miss even for second there?

A Bad Dream

I hastily stepped out from bed to ponder over
It was bad dream and I started to find cover
It made me restless and compelled to wonder
I rubbed the eyes and regained composure however

A Dream Only

Dream within dream
The palace on sold structure of beam
Well founded and standing erect
Noble ideas in dream also to act

Dream Always

It is nice to dream always
When nothing can be found on the way
Last hope is also about recede
Defeat certain and gain to accede

Dream Palace

Let there be dream palace to live in
no restriction and to feel free in
not as isolated ward or sultry palace
all my angels come in with open face

A Silent Dream

I may definitely collapse
There are many lapses
I shall never regain
Always losses and no gain

Bachelor's Dream

You spend a life as bachelor
When lose name and honor
Get bad publicity
With no nobility

Real Dream

You lied to me not only once
But countless and many times
I knew from heart that it was time pass
You were original member of cheater’s class

We Dream

It is great job
When you think not to rob
Any person of his rights
And resolutely fight

Dream For Heaven

I shall dream for no heaven
If God comes to offer it even
I strive for no salvation
That is final resolution

Dream And Reality

Dream or reality

What can be dream and reality?
Have we the resolve and capability?

Nice To Dream

It is nice to have dreams and admire
Must not remain joke and subject to satire
Beautiful heart is meant to beat faster
Seeing upon a beauty must burst in laughter

Until You Dream

Yes it is our own world we made to live
To find the love around and believe
Is it not convincing you about whole concept?
People admit having gone under duress and wept?

Dream Home

An imagination for dream home continues
Not so particular about its construction or avenues
Not even location or in any particular place
Not so big, not ordinary also and not to look even palace

Future Dream

Yes it is nice dream of future
Where nothing is certain for sure
More efforts to console and reassure
Only love and not hatred to remain in whole tenure

Error Success