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Convicted of a " Vanity Press" in 2000.
Released on February 27th 2012.
Currently lawfully at large.

E.J. Langley Poems

After All This Time

Hearts are broken everyday

and I console myself in this


What would a scream look like on paper?

If I could write a scream I'd have something!

It's Not All Bad

My Cat

The Last Day Flower

Who ignored the sunshine
down to the very last day flower
in motor cars
with gasoline

E.J. Langley Quotes

05 December 2015

Let there be no mistake, there are no mistakes.

05 December 2015

Write through the bad, looking for the good.

05 December 2015

The 'real' feeling at the heart of things is the infinite reality of poetry.

05 December 2015

Practice exercises in compassion.

05 December 2015

Sometimes remember, we're not actually going anywhere.

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