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I Met God Today

I met God today on the street
Sitting on a park bench in the city
I asked him, 'How do you do, Lord? '
And He replied, 'As fine as could be, my son.'

Ode To A Tree

A lone tree stands in a field, broken and bruised
Recalling the many times in its life that it's been used
A fractured limb revealing the marks of a child's rope swing
Its roots recalling the soothing moisture of a babbling spring

Ode To A Proud Race

Countless thousands forced from their beloved homeland in the East

Heavy hearted were they as they faced a journey into the great unknown

God's Splendor

Can anyone else make such a sight
Really as beautiful as God's own hands
Even as pretty as a sunset in late afternoon
Art is the best way to describe such works

One Single Tear

She wakes up to find her father over her
Hovering above, dressed in only his robe.
A look in his eyes that spells instant trouble
Her heart hardens feeling that she has no hope.

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