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Fragile thy heart shiver thou soul
O! Orient rays tell me
the lean waist, broken lips
and the wound in fathom heart

Sharing my life with you
hands in one and words together
in pasted lips inhaling warm breath
you are my half, a friend, and life

Let our dreams never die
and the desires in heart
ever burn...............

At the brink of our eyes flowing abound in us
a solitude sonnet born from our heart
and the bubble in our eyes never burst
and the biggest emotions never explored..

A rose on his grave...........

Loved thou in the heart
their veils filled with placid thoughts

Completely ludicrous......

Mountain aquifer the source for us to feed
and we are the author of greed

Better learn to love your cries and tears....

Fortunate to fall down at young
the rolling tears wiped out by the Mother

Wind mill

spending with her
electrified love spread

Gifted are the eyes
to kiss the standing Lotus
in blush towards the radiant sun!


Fate is cruel
when moist honey lips in other`s tongue
Fate is lust
when moiest honey lips in my tongue

On my eternal journey lost my love
searching around through my wet eyes
and heart full of emotions
beckon over the deserted sand

It is the dream house for her
built with love and charm
the coolest clouds ever there
where the hot sunny rays are the light!

I am a working woman
single chain adoring my necks
a beautiful sky blue saree well decorated
with smiling face a mask in content


Falling on the earth
the colourless pearls
over the lush green grasses
and on the leaves and colourful flowers

A deep inside thought.....

when sometimes you`re away
you drift away within me


Divine`s shape is the fate
hell`s wisdom is the fate
and your success to dwell is the fate
and worthless to become rich is the fate

Winning her heart standing on the open terrace
Enchanting her sweet name in her ears
Landed the vibrant shiver in her
Caught in the mirror carrying above

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life infinity for ever for her.........not a poet she showered love she is mother, wife and loveliest ever on earth made me for her is alwayas on earth a gift.....)

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**where Were She?

Fragile thy heart shiver thou soul
O! Orient rays tell me
the lean waist, broken lips
and the wound in fathom heart
where her breath in the dingy room
suffer in alien nature.............

Pain in her deep rooted heart
spell but nothing in smile
her scanty eyes and dried bossom
O! Orient rays tell me
Where were She?
The loveliest angel where were She?

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Eyan Desir 23 November 2009

The flower has blossom And its beauty Will bring delight To all in its path...

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Ejaz Khan 19 August 2009

Lago lago, is a friendly poet, a kind and generous person, who write from the core of heart and certainly it's a great loss that the poet has decided to quit here but I really hope that the the process of writing will not stop! Best regards

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Muhammad Ali 05 May 2009

You are not a poet... you said! and I believe.. you are. or I am too senseless to poetry I like these little smiles in the eyes while words are moisted in sadness! ... I like this art and it is soft sad poison, 'poison we love! '... all of your work just amazes me....

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Jerry Hughes 26 April 2009

This lady is a compassionate, thoughtful, excellent writer...

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Denvor Fernandez 06 February 2009

Nice name

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lily peace lago every by to ph Popularity

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