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Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
When nothing makes your soul smile,
If you don`t want to speak by phone
And read by own written file.

Reality is nothing when you die,
So, why we always cry about time?
All thoughts, dreams in our mind fly,
They often speak to our nature prime.

How long I should just go away?
How long just sit and nothing do?
Sometimes I have to sleep and stay…
Oh God, please, answer, give a clue.

One part of droplet is the light
It keeps a poor thought inside,
It makes the water just fall down
To fix the mind by loner thrown.

It is so strange to read about love…
A lot of words, one better other one…
But saying words is not for love enough,
It lives in our hearts and is the sun.

One day The Lord all Angels sent,
To find some love until World`s end.
He looked at us from Holly Sky
And wanted know why people cry.

All times are nothing if you`re dead,
And our pleasure is just pain,
If you don`t see the soul you had
And understand your love is main…

A picture of my soul is inside,
It has a lot of colors, melody.
Sometimes I am too happy or just tired,
I write by heart the love and tragedy.

There are a lot of ways in life,
We can just sleep or play the fife,
We can remember ugly thoughts
Or write by acts of mind notes.

You are alone right now and feel the pain in heart
Because of broken hopes and false pretense.
Your face is smiling but you crying start
And try to understand of fortune dance.

Among cold streets and clouds of dust
Is way of glory, warm and light,
To find it you should mind trust
And go along with hope might.

Oh darkness, crawling on the wall,
With awful shadows in the hall,
You bring to my heart evil death,
So, now I have unknown mess.

I am a girl without happy heart,
I stay alone among unreal friends.
I am not actress but I play my part
It`s not amazing and no fear lends.

I`m lost among futile thoughts
And now afraid of myself,
Because I go through darkness plots
And see by me a fairy elf.

What can I do to see your face?
A lot of people stay in space,
Each has his own awful mask,
For me to see it easy task.

I feel the melody of broken hearts,
Just close my eyes and see your tearful face…
I hear the silence, it in darkness starts,
I feel you mind, you`re sad in any case.

Around Earth are light and people`s thoughts,
They fill its spirit, keep the planet`s mind.
It looks at us, of love and wisdom knots,
When we try them in our breast to find.

I had a lot of words in past
To say in silence with a tiny voice.
But each of us has made a private choice,
Without broken hearts and other noise,

Among two suns we need just see the light,
Don`t think about endless and the death.
One day in desert when it was a night
All angels came for fascinating mess.

One day the weather was upset,
Cold wind and rain ruffled waves,
They sang unfriendly, tears met,
Devoured thoughts as soul slaves.

Ekaterina Polishchuk Biography

I began writing when I was 14, after the recovering from my illness... I wrote in Russian and Ukrainian about angels, lonely souls, relationships, life treasure, miracles etc. Soon my poems were transformed into stories and novels... Then, I started writing in English. And that`s my own miracle because English isn`t my native language, but I truly love it and hope that my poems reading will give a lot of pleasure and good thoughts to all the readers.)

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Believe In Dreams

Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
When nothing makes your soul smile,
If you don`t want to speak by phone
And read by own written file.
Believe in dreams when tears are falling down,
When people hate you for unusual thought.
Believe in dreams if you`re a funny clown,
Believe like all philosophers were taught.
Believe in dreams and sun will shine so bright,
You`ll get miracles from a friendly hand.
Believe in dreams, you shouldn`t go and fight,
You`ll go with me on this way till the end.
Believe my friend in clumsy, noisy mind,
In each love story you have got inside.
Believe in me and stand in angel`s side,
You`ll see my light is wonderful and bright.

Ekaterina Polishchuk Comments

Wahab Abdul 29 February 2012

This young lady has a beautiful heart and beautiful mind which expresses exquisite piece of poems..

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Chazz Azz 19 February 2012

very nice story Irina

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Chazz Azz 19 February 2012

Very nice story Irina

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Harindhar Reddy 23 February 2012

Boogie-woogie! Ekaterina has speciality as I be none can find any trace of artificiality in her poetry. She is an an aspiring novelist and a queen of fantasy world! So I hail THEE! * She can speak to angels, spirits, elf, but no fear as she can speak with you and I or anyone in distress, she, a great mistress! ** She likes stars so i hope a day will make her a STAR, She is a William Blake's lamb with philanthropic Ideas and much more...*** But above all is a small matter, She is real friend with FASCINATING CHARM TO KEEP US WARM.... Take all these stars only for you Harle ***********************

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Beverley Shelton 03 March 2014

I love your poetry, Ekaterina. It is very spiritual with great depth and meaning. I am amazed you can write poetry so well in a language that is not your native tongue. I only wish I could read the poems you have written in your own language. Your talent is a gift from God, and you honour Him by using it. May He bless you richly with love, health and success. Sincerely, Bev

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Allan Farran 15 February 2014

I found your biography very interesting, to be able to write poetry in another language is truely amazing like your self

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Richi Levis 31 March 2012

Fine woman and finer poet!

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Olagunju Samuel 04 March 2012

that was awesome. great work keep it up

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It seems you have an old soul knowing some secrets and catching some universal reflections by deeper connection than others. Like your comment on my Immerfort- thoughts and others & feel happy. Keep on doing the heartful things :))))

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