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Born as the second son of a forester and the daughter of a priest I was born in Celle, lower saxony, Germany.
After my studies in Economics and Ecological Science I was part of the 'Flower Power Generation' and I lived about 10 years on Canary Island and did work as a shoemaker and also sold my ink paintings. After living about a year in Sri Lanka ...

Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson Poems


A good melody washes away every tears
Music is the sun to melt all inner fears

Shadows cover when love goes apart


Listen identity
my name was chosen
by my parents
before I came

Poem - Talking To You

What is a poem more
than a likeness of your face
the aspect of your words I adore
baked at one´s leisure as a cake before

Haiku Thunder

Three strokes of lightning
one hit mountain frightening
dark clouds thunder loud.

Du Sitzt Am Meer

Du sitzt am Meer
dein Herz ist leer
irgendetwas in dir ruft
ich kann nicht mehr

Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson Comments

DEAR ME MYSELF AND I, thanks for your words, BUT my poem was not about you, but about me. That you took the name (headline) for your pseudonyme is just fate and the reason I send you my poem. So everything you wrote has nothing to do with you, but I am glad you congrats me on my poem and saying you´re sure its very good. Best regards.

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Me Myself And I... 02 April 2014

A funny poem written about me, Me Myself And I? ? I’m of course flattered that someone would take the time to pen such a worthy tribute to myself however, I’m afraid I have to point out the obvious to you, and that is the fact you don’t know me from ‘Adam’ we have never corresponded in anyway what so ever, alas I’m already very suspicious of your write and if you just what to take a cheap shot like the other 99% of the moaners and groaners on this site, then you are way to late my German friend, but congrats on your poem I’m sure its very good.

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Floyd Floydson is a wonderful poet. His poetry is full of mystery and mystic soul melody. He shows beauty through describing love and sadness. His words sound and penetrate deep into all readers hearts. His rhyme and rhythm are perfect. And you really enjoy while reading :)

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