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My life is some sort of a paradox - the longer I live, the less I know. And I kind of like it that way :)) . I mean, I enjoy learning – learning new things is the best.

I love my family and my many good friends. They are very warm, funny, and encouraging people, though sometimes they are trying to hide their best qualities. I can’t even imagine ...

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Be Like Water, My Friend - Hypnotic Induction

'Be like water, my friend, be like water,
Don’t be rigid; just go with a flow...'
'Be like water' - you asked me. 'Don't hold to me.
I am leaving, so please let me go.'

'Water is shapeless, my friend, water is flowing
Water is moving; and it cannot die...
It may freeze sometimes, when it gets too cold,
But you know, the spring will arrive.'

I’m becoming shapeless, I’m becoming fluid,
I am listening to what you say...
I got frozen, my friend, by your sudden coldness
But I’m finding through cracks my new way.

Now I am floating, again. I am glowing.
I’m reflecting the sun and the sky...
And sometimes the clouds. And the wind is blowing...

I’m already far away...Just stopped to wave 'Good Bye! '

October 6,2005

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