Tell Me A Story Poem by elena winters

Tell Me A Story

Rating: 4.8

hello murder whats your story?

murder #1

well i killed my mother and two little sisters around 3: 00 in the morning with a sludge hammer
when everyone was asleep i wacked them twice in the head. They died instantly

hi murder whats your story?

murder #2

i was riding around in my car one night looking for my next victim when i spotted a little girl wearing a school uniform i slowed up next to her and offered her a ride home but instead of driving her home i drove her to an abandon house then i yanked her out of the car dragged her into the abandon house then that's when i raped her, beat her and after that i shot her three times in the chest then fled the scene

how are you doing murder whats your story?

murder #3

i was at home just me and my two twin daughters when a man snuck through my back door came into the living room with a gun clutched between his hand.
He then demanded that i give him all the money i told him i didnt have any. Then he raised the gun up to my youngest daughter head and pulled the trigger right in front of my eyes. i screamed at the top of my lungs as i saw my baby girls blood splattered upon the wall.
He then yanked my oldest daughter up off the couch and demanded that i tie her down with the rope that he held in his right hand.
after i did as i was told he grabbed me by my hair then dragged me into the nearest bedroom and said 'if you don't cooperate i'll make sure you end up like your precious daughter' then suddenly he threw me on top of the bed and started ripping off my clothes then entered me with painful powereful thrust and thats when i realized what i kept under my pillow.
I then slid my hand back and without thinking twice i came out with my 357 chrome magnum and blew his head off his shoulders just like he did my daughter.


MURDER #1 was found GUILTY of first degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life imprisoment

MURDER #2 was found GUILTY of third degree murder and sentenced to deathrow

MURDER #3 was found GUILTY of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to 37 years in rikers


A woman by the name of Charisma Spinnums was convicted of planning a robbery which lead to the death of her 6 year old daughter Sara Spinnums who was apparently shot to death in her home execution style. After leaving the court house Charisma allegedly told the news that ' if he hadn't killed her daughter things would have worked out as planned ' i'm reporter Kathy Bayes and you're watching channel 7 on the news

i bet you thought murder # 3 was innocent

Kesav Easwaran 07 February 2009

who cares what you or me think, Breeze? The jury thought it was'nt innocent...and 'that' is a real murder...indeed...10

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Interesting Poem and Interesting structure! Keep Writing!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 October 2008

A different type of poem with diverse taste. Form and content of this piece is non-typical that attracts. 10 from me.

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new style of poetry, good job

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Corey Threet 25 October 2008

Wow that was deep I never exp something like that. Nice story telling great write and remember. Spread Yourself! ! ! !

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