Emma Jane Rae Poems

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Weeping Willow (From The Film My Girl)

Weeping willow with your tears running down,
why do you always weep and frown?
is it because he left you one day?
is it because he couldnt not stay?

A Final Goodbye

Do you think,
it's ok to give these commands?
Do you think,
it's acceptable to make,

Angry At You!

My eyes feel so heavy,
from a distinct lack of sleep,
i get in bed lay as still as a corpse,
then i feel my eyes begin to weep,

Behind The Mask.

Under the mask,
theres just a little girl,
so frightened, so scared,
so unprepared,

***dad! ***

You were my strenght,
when i was weak,
you were my voice,
when i couldn't speak,


Have you ever felt betrayed?
by those you thought you loved?
it really hurts even more so,
coz they didnt give a stuff,

A Year Ago Today (10th May)

A year ago today,
you turned your back,
and walked away,
i can't get over it,

~ The Party ~

* A poem i found on the internet it sends shivers down my spine *

I went to a party, mom,
and remembered what you said,

Can'T Let Go....

id do anything to see your grinning face,
in seconds your life was took away,
such a shame, such a waste,
ill never forget that phonecall,

A Killer On The Loose.

this is about all gun crime that goes on around us:

Bang Bang,
1 bullet, your head! ,

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