Behind The Mask. Poem by Emma Jane Rae

Behind The Mask.

Rating: 2.7

Under the mask,
theres just a little girl,
so frightened, so scared,
so unprepared,
once so happy,
with everything in place,
now she wears a mask,
to cover the truth upon her face,
under the mask,
theres just a little girl,
so lost, so broken,
so delicately spoken,
once she had a family,
once she had friends,
little did she know,
her family would come to an end,
now she lives in a bubble,
and it won't burst,
the pain she feels,
only gets worse,
she wears the mask,
from everyones view,
she only wishes that,
you knew,
you caused her hurt,
you caused her pain,
you forced her,
to wear her mask again,
under the mask,
theres just a little girl,
that only wants you to see,
that behind this mask,
theres just a little girl,
and that little girl,
is me!

Rick Adriolo 06 February 2012

I believe everyone has a poem about the mask we all wear.. it's a poem everyone can relate to.. but every mask has his own face.. And I love this one.. it really brings the sadness in my heart.. your a very good writer!

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Vaughn Bekker 25 May 2010

what a sweet sad little poem, i too wrote one simular to this so i could relate, (my mask) , good write, well done: 0)

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Nangula Immanuel 04 April 2009

I am in awe. this is beautiful!

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Joseph Poewhit 30 March 2009

Many just like that in life and more so today.

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