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Listen To Your Heart

Let not anyone tell you how you feel,
Because those feelings are not real.
You tell someone, 'I think I love him'
They say, 'Do you know how long it's been? '

Another Hopeful, Soon To Be Heartache

Why do I fall into 'like' so fast?
Have I not learned from my past?
I start talking to a girl, think she is pretty
Here's where it begins to go bad, I start to get giddy.

Love And Time

The sands of time are a torturous device.
We have a trial period in order to suffice.
The feeling of love is set on a time limit.
You must be 1 for this long to have it.

What I Want

What I want from you is nothing more than love.
I don't think that is too much to ask of.
You've given me all I could ever ask for.
And for this, you are the one I adore.

Without Emotion

Without emotion, my day would be routine,
Everyday, it would all be the same thing.
Without emotion, we would lose out on so much,
Like the feeling I get, when I feel your sweet touch.

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