Eric Pennington Poems

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Listen To Your Heart

Let not anyone tell you how you feel,
Because those feelings are not real.
You tell someone, 'I think I love him'
They say, 'Do you know how long it's been? '

Another Hopeful, Soon To Be Heartache

Why do I fall into 'like' so fast?
Have I not learned from my past?
I start talking to a girl, think she is pretty
Here's where it begins to go bad, I start to get giddy.

Love And Time

The sands of time are a torturous device.
We have a trial period in order to suffice.
The feeling of love is set on a time limit.
You must be 1 for this long to have it.

What I Want

What I want from you is nothing more than love.
I don't think that is too much to ask of.
You've given me all I could ever ask for.
And for this, you are the one I adore.

Without Emotion

Without emotion, my day would be routine,
Everyday, it would all be the same thing.
Without emotion, we would lose out on so much,
Like the feeling I get, when I feel your sweet touch.

Another Heartache

Have you ever took a shot in the dark?
Hoping that something you did would hit the mark?
Maybe the right sequence of words will do the trick?
I will never be the one she would pick.

A Hidden Pain

You cannot see my pain because you don't know me...
This pain should be non existent, it's because of me...
I put my heart into something I knew that would never work out...
I should have known better to have even tried, I already knew the turnout...


I throw my line out, my heart for bait.
I get nibbles, but none of them ever take.
Each cast the hook digging deeper, so deep.
The pain is so great, I can only weep.

Take A Chance

Sometimes you have to give things a chance.
Get off the ground, dust the blood and dirt from your pants.
Though your heart may grow callused and sore,
Don't ever give up, but ask for more.

Why God Doesn'T Answer Prayers

Why God when I ask for something you do not give?
Do you not care anymore? Do you care if I live?
Why do you sit back and let my life go down the drain?
How come you allow my eyes leak more than the rain?