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I am thinking of you
Thoughts of you swirl throughout
The recesses of my mind
Bitter-sweetened torture

I honestly feel like
I'm losing my mind
Without you
As time keeps on passing

So enchanting,
Watching, as you begin to steal my empty heart
Away from me and fill it in with brand new dreams
And memories


My heart is filled with the ashes
Of our love burned away
I've emptied out my soul
Until there's nothing left to say


When you are truly alone
No one answers your questions
No one holds you
Until the trembling stops

Autumn is a slow
Decaying death
Winter burdens you
With its gloom

If you saw me lost-
Would you call out my name?
If you found me

The very moment after I'd spoken,
The second the words left my lips,
I wished with all of my heart
That I could take them back

The passage of time
Speeds up, slows down
With emotions interwoven
And meanings profound

I had a dream one night
In which i walked through a meadow
The sun was blazing an intense heat
My heart was pounding


You dance throughout the galaxies
Trailing stardust behind
Twirling in abandonment
Within non-linear time

The broken ones cut their feet
As they walk upon the pieces
Of their broken dreams
Ghostly figures in the shadows

In someone's shadow
I can speak real loud
While standing behind
I can still stand out


When we are face to face,
And I look directly at you,
It's almost like looking at my own
reflection in the mirror

In the moments after you had gone
It seemed as though time had
Gathered together
To stand beside me,

The lure of our becoming
Pulses through the universe
Our heart is the dwelling place
Of Him,

Why do I allow myself
To think back to those times
Of warmer, brighter days
While I'm stuck here


Whenever you look at me
Somehow its me you never see
You're glance glazes then grazes over me
Although I've always seen all of you

He is a whisper away
In a breath of fresh air
He is wherever you are
And everywhere

As minutes turn into hours
As days turn into years
My children grow taller
I start to feel smaller

Erika Wingo Biography

Hello to all my fellow PoemHunters! My name is Erika, I am 36 years old and the mother of three wonderful children. I have a 20 year old daughter, a 17 year old son and my youngest son is 7. I am also now the proud Grandmother of a precious and adorable 8 month old little baby girl. My very first grandchild and I'm loving it! I am happily married to a man who has been the one and only love of my life for the past 21 years. I have much to be grateful for and I am truly blessed. I began writing poetry when I was 12 years old. It has always been very therapeutic for me as a way to release and express innermost thoughts and feelings, Where I was comfortable enough to be candid and vulnerable in ways that I was never quite able to be anywhere else in my life. My other interests are reading, singing (music) , and evolving spiritually. I try to exist in the divine space of universal oneness that connects us all to each another. I believe that all creativity is a direct conduit linking us to the sacred energy source of all that is. The Creator or the God force of the universe. My hope is that those of you who happen to read my work will enjoy and appreciate it as much as I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated reading yours. Many Blessings...)

The Best Poem Of Erika Wingo

Missing You

I am thinking of you
Thoughts of you swirl throughout
The recesses of my mind
Bitter-sweetened torture
Can you feel me touching you
Even still, even now
Even as miles separate us?

I am dreaming of you
Of melting into your arms
Absorbing your body's heat
My ear against your heart
Listening to you breathe

I am wishing for you
At this very moment
I imagine my hands
Tracing over the curves of
Of your face
The soft smoothness of your lips
With an aching heart
Remembering things too precious
To be forgotten

Wondering if
You're thinking of me too

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Your poem The Moments After Is a rich and refreshing river is revitalization and therapy. Keep up the great works my dear poetic friend!

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