Erin Hanson Poems

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Having those tremendous nightmares
when theres chills throught the
cold blooded body.
as your not here to warm me up.

Confused And Lost Little Girl

your screaming while she sits there.
I bet you dont know that shes soaking it all in.
Shes switching parents every week or so..
to young ot know exactly whats going on.

The Reason

The reason why i cry at night when i feel lost and unwanted....
The reason why i scream so god damn loud! ! !
The reason why i sometimes feel like runing away....
The reason why i say no to any opportunity that comes my way! ...

Where Will We Go

No seeing you,
nor' talking
all i hope is
these feelings wont fade.

The Unforbidden Mistake

The unforbidden mistake that you and only you would make
doen’t run to me with any questions
so the answers shall not end and break.
The open fire extinguishes the heat between our stick figures.

Always Me

always me sheding tears,
feeling pain,
it hurts.
they have no clue,

Broken 3 Women

The dread and pain of hearing
about it when the time is hard hitting.
You never would dream about it being
about you.

Falling On My Own

Left you when I was so little
what do you do with the pictures
of you me and mommy
do you hide them from your new family,


They say time heals
forget, im not sure i could
im still awating


I dont know what im doing
breathing deep not easy
as the drips keep hitting the
solid white page