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The reason why i cry at night when i feel lost and unwanted....
The reason why i scream so god damn loud! ! !
The reason why i sometimes feel like runing away....
The reason why i say no to any opportunity that comes my way! ...

Having those tremendous nightmares
when theres chills throught the
cold blooded body.
as your not here to warm me up.

your screaming while she sits there.
I bet you dont know that shes soaking it all in.
Shes switching parents every week or so..
to young ot know exactly whats going on.

No seeing you,
nor' talking
all i hope is
these feelings wont fade.

The unforbidden mistake that you and only you would make
doen’t run to me with any questions
so the answers shall not end and break.
The open fire extinguishes the heat between our stick figures.

always me sheding tears,
feeling pain,
it hurts.
they have no clue,

The dread and pain of hearing
about it when the time is hard hitting.
You never would dream about it being
about you.

Left you when I was so little
what do you do with the pictures
of you me and mommy
do you hide them from your new family,

Always trying to find it
never sure if your going to
get there.
The tears are


They say time heals
forget, im not sure i could
im still awating

something tells me,
your with me.
looking up,
heaven above.

The depression keeps on hitting me,
can things get any worse?
as i begin to read the sorrow letter she had left behind.
The reasons why she did it


wishing open the happy
recieving the bad.
asleep with evil
accepting death

You ask me what I like about you as each hour ticks by,
each minute slows down.
We talk about things that are unreal but unbelievably amazing.
Walking resentfully towards one another


thinking of the possiblity of tears.
more happy memories than
the tears that sadden my face
flipping through the photograph


this pain i have
this pain is real
the pain that kills
you put me through

This kill,
strive, hurt,
screams echod on
for help.

grazing seconds,
decading away.
you are the best of me
cherish the real

whats happending,
as i repeat my self.
the un-answerd question.
is this the end of you and me

Worrying events,
scared and tierd
weakining as time flows by
holding in precious tears,

Erin Hanson Biography

My names Erin Hanson. I was born in Phenoix, Arizona, my father Micheal left me when i was only 2 years old. When me and my mother Susan moved to Dallas, Texas. My mom met a guy named Kyle, marring him when i was about 4. He adopted me when i was in the 4th grade at the age of 9. Before that when i was 6 they had my brother named Clayton. He is my half brother. My Mom&Kyle had been togehter for almost 10 years when they decided to get in a divorce becuase he was abusing me and my little brother too much, and they just didnt get along that well. Im now in the 9th grade at J.J.Pearce High School, and would like to get a scholarship in art. I would like to carry my carrer to Texas Tech to get a degree in Interior Design. i love everyone. =))

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The Reason

The reason why i cry at night when i feel lost and unwanted....
The reason why i scream so god damn loud! ! !
The reason why i sometimes feel like runing away....
The reason why i say no to any opportunity that comes my way! ...
The stupid reasons i keep repeating in my head!
The way my heart pounds against my chest..

Faster and Faster....
as your walking towards me...
The reasons why were over I still dont understand? ?
Crying at night is becoming useless....
What are we? ..
Or are we nothing at all!

Erin Hanson Comments

Sasha 06 March 2018

is this the famous e.h. who's poems keep coming up on my pinterest dashboard?

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Maya Hanson 14 December 2013

Your poems are emotional and truthful, they could keep my attention you have the same last name as me :) go Hansons and keep writing! ~mye3 (Maya Hanson)

17 5 Reply
emily 29 January 2018

what's the poem that starts with welcome to society

16 4 Reply
jonas 20 November 2017

I don't believe that that is here bio

12 8 Reply
Robin Van Court 31 October 2016

I am truly inspired and impressed with your poetry. I couldn't believe when I read your bio how young you are. Truly an old soul. You are so wise, I hope you have lived your life by the words you wrote. I hope you are happy and feel accomplished as a poet.You have touched my heart.

17 2 Reply
Erin.J 14 July 2019

I'd like to know what the name of the poem is called, the first line states, " From the second that you're in this world."

6 1 Reply
Marlouise 16 May 2019

Hey i dont know how to ask this but im studing to become a drama teacher and i would really love for you to help me on one of your poems she and him. I love how you wrote it but i dont understand why. I feel that there is a deeper meaning behind your poem and is there a way you can maby explain the poem more. Thank you so much. Regards

2 2 Reply
Stella J 27 March 2019

You’re poems and quotes are so amazing I can’t even find words to describe them. Thank you ❤️

4 4 Reply
Kat W 08 March 2019

Thank you so much Erin for your beautiful poems. You describe how I feel when I can't even begin to. Thank you!

4 3 Reply
R Piercey 16 February 2019

I don't know if you'll read this, or if you'll see this and care. But all I want to to know is that you were my stepping stone. When I first read your poems, it filled me with air, gave me a life they could not take. Then it grew even larger still and made me again. So please, whatever you do. Continue to write.

9 2 Reply

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