Falling On My Own Poem by Erin Hanson

Falling On My Own

Left you when I was so little
what do you do with the pictures
of you me and mommy
do you hide them from your new family,
have you burned them or just completly forgot
that you have a daughter out there somewhere.

I guess that you have tried to foget about me,
I think of you everyday and if you still rember me.
you are my father and I love you so much.
Even if you have betrayed me and my mother
I still want to love you and meet you.

All ive ever wanted to have is a father to pick me up
when i fall,
and when mommy falls too.
I have been falling lately
I guess all the pain that deteriates through my body
never reaches yours.

If you never come back to find me
im going to be falling
on my own.
do you want that?

Mickey Pig Knuckles 19 March 2006

Erin, what a wonderful poetic composure of reality for so many younger people within our current society. Once again your awesome poetic glow attracts me to you and your love of meaningful words of poetry as you inject such emotions to be felt by your reader. You are an awesome poet and one I want to now Thank for sharing your passion of poetry with all of us and for giving us a little more of you. Wonderful Heartfelt poem Erin. If you ever think or consider placing your poetic pen down would be really bad as your words of peotry would be dearly missed making your readers sad. Your Dear Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)

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Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson

Pheonix, Arizona
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