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They guide me day by day
When trouble comes they hold me tight
They protect me
When we get in a fight

I remember the fun we had
Laughing and joking
I remember when you lifted me to the sky
And told me to fly

If I do what is Right
And hold on Tight
Maybe I can be like Jesus
If I do not Sin

I stared at you as you walked away
'Friend, I need you! ' I cry
'You have nothing, you are not my friend, ' you say
I let out a cry, a plea for help

I sat on the train
The air was cold
I hoped that maybe
You'd be there today

Heavenly Father has attributes
Justice is one of them
Do what is right, do not Sin
Be good to all of your Kin

Three birds all in a row
One bird feels left out
The left out bird
Walks sadly away

When trouble comes
Zoom Past the Wrong
When Satan whispers in your ear
Zoom Past the Wrong

Kindness is important to Me
Why can't you See
I love Kindness
I like little Girls


I watched the dark
I watched the daylight
I watched the happiness
I watched temptation

There I was
Standing in that lonely rain
With no one to comfort me
And tell me it's ok

Outside is a world
Outside is a place
Outside is a nightmare
Outside is a different

I knelt down to pray
It was quite humble
I was willing to learn
It was quite humble

'I promise, ' she whispered, 'that I will always be your friend.'
We left the pre-existence and came to earth
Years passed and I saw my friend
We did not remember each other

When you are in trouble
Stop to pray
When you are lonely
Stop to pray

What is that feeling that feels like a gentle breeze?
What is that feeling that makes you feel warm and at ease?
What is that feeling that that lights up the hole world when you make a righteous choice?
What is that feeling, you ask?

I take a glance at the Stars
They are different than all the Cars
The Cars zoom past on a windy Day
When the stars keep still even until May


'Is this seat vacant? ' I ask
'No, ' you say, 'But I'd rather you keep away'
'Is it this mask, ' I ask, 'that makes you Mad? '
'No, ' you say, 'I just like to see you Sad'

I watched you walk out the door
But no tears would fall
My mouth stayed shut
All I had was my breath

Where, dear Lord, do I go?
'X marks the spot' the Lord says to me
I look at the scriptures
The bible and all

The Best Poem Of Esther Hudson


They guide me day by day
When trouble comes they hold me tight
They protect me
When we get in a fight
My heroes are still here
My heroes are with me
Like the prophets of old
My heroes lead me and tell me what to do right
They are my heroes
My guardian angels.

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Esther Hudson Popularity

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