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I looked for you high;
I looked for you low
but I couldn't find you:
where did you go?

The greatest poem ever writ
must lie below the summit
of the wordless,
for the greatest beauty and truth,

This character walks.
This character talks
This character is sometimes unmasked.
This character feels heavily tasked


There are no humans in my field of view -
a view which is constantly changing though
it remains the same, yet could also change irrevocably.

All promises
lie broken.
My cold hand

A flickering in the corner of my eye:
A twirling, wind-buffeted shadow of a small dry leaf
Caught in a strand of a spider's old webbing.


The crazy sutra
folded and unfolded
plucking the strings of my heart
in dangerous and unforgettable ways

Now, I really struggle
to find the words I need.
and yet it speeds.
Thankful I am indeed.

Nothing can be said to console
the one who now feels old;
whose world has been inherited
by younger visionaries bold.

What words can describe this Amaryllis divine?
Certainly not any of mine.
Look at how red!
As though the Universe had bled.

I gazed upon her as she slept
outstretched on her hospital bed
sculptured perfection - beauteous - true
the nose, the cheek - e'en her hue

A sad refrain now coursing
always through my brain,
and at times it feels hard to maintain.
A friend's kind words:


Keep it simple,
like a dimple.
Raise a rimple,
pop a pimple.

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I Looked For You

I looked for you high;
I looked for you low
but I couldn't find you:
where did you go?

I looked for you there
and I looked for you here
but I couldn't find you anywhere.

I started to think you never existed.
It's a thought I've always resisted.

I'm tired of waiting
and I'm tired of searching.
There's got to be a way to give up
without hurting.

If I weren't human I could be freed
of all this varied emotional need.

So, I'll start along a trajectory
where I'll shed all vestige of poor humanity,
all trace of being anything or anyone -
and when you look for me, you'll find none.

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KISHORE 13 February 2019

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Activity is rest, rest is activity.

A lovebird in a cage is not half as beautiful as one in the wild.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Good spelling and grammar is next to cleanliness.

Great minds browse alike.

A bad mood is transmitted at the speed of thought.

While there's life there's hope but not enough to be squandered.

Gambling or gaming, as it is euphemistically called, is not a good way to make money; it is; however, a good way to lose money. In the same fashion, online dating is not a good way to find a wife.

Of all the activities in which we can engage, perhaps the best is the inactivity of the sage.

Every once in a long while I am surprised by the knowledge that I don't know everything; that the truth is the opposite in fact: that I don't know much of anything. At first this seems unfortunate but then I'm thankful to have been shown how proud I am 99.99% of the time.

We are not here to SAVE our lives but to SPEND them. So don't be overly frugal and spend wisely.

While others rest their heads, others get ahead.

A book is a journey. Enjoy the read.

Is it the Truth? Or is it the use of Truth to make money?

Humankind's progress in space: one step forward, two leaps back.

40s: old, young dudes.60s: young, old dudes.

The less time you spend in front of a screen, the more time you can spend in front of a book.

If you exist, and are a human, then by definition, you have the wrong end of the stick.

If you believe that the Universe can come into being spontaneously then it is not unreasonable to believe that God can come into being spontaneously. People don't have a problem with the former because they can see it; whereas the latter they can't see. But what people forget or choose not to see, is that the Truth is always in front of their eyes.

Healing is very slow, and then it's very quick.

On the rare occasion I am surprised when I find out that I'm dead wrong when I thought I was dead right. And on the rarer occasion still, I am very surprised to find out that instead of being as unselfish, generous, kind and so on, as I believed myself to be, I am actually the opposite.

Pay attention to the present moment, to its marvelous and miraculous nature. Remind yourself always never to take anything for granted. You need to remind yourself because you will forget; you will lose the vision; the sense of wonder will often be absent and needs to be regained. When we are perfect beings reminders will be unnecessary.

It's going to be whatever it's going to be.

One person's hell is another person's heaven.

Failure to lunch may result in migraine.

To be a sage would be cool, but perhaps to be yourself would be cooler!

Can an extraterrestrial be so alien as not to have a soul?

This is the quote to end all quotes. Sorry, the cost is too high! Umm.... Wisdom will come when quotes are done but without the quotes you can have none.

Many things that need to be done and you don't know where to start? First prioritise the tasks, then tackle them in order, in a paint-by-numbers fashion.

How's your calm-fu? Take some deep breaths and relax. There's a few things you can do to get skilled at calm-fu!

The Sonata in C Major, K.545 by W. A. Mozart is truly of man's musical creations one of the most perfect.

Astrology is a sort of spiritual spam. ‘spam' in the sense of inappropriate and irrelevant.

We may like to regard all men as brothers and all women as sisters, in the spiritual sense, but the fact is many people are very, very undesirable and highly dangerous. Be kind but be wary.

I waste time, effort, money on online dating sites but the greatest cost has been to my emotional wellbeing.

Nobody thinks that they're going to die today, but it does happen quite frequently.

A mystic is a person who wants to know or experience who or what she or he is in Truth, or ultimately. A mystic is preoccupied with this self-transcendence, has the presumptive naivety or laziness to believe it is possible to achieve; the early endowment of wisdom to know it is. The focus of a mystic is not so much the hereafter as the here and now. These are some of my ideas about what a mystic is or should be. Ideas differ.

I bought some handsome bananas. They were a nice yellow, long, without any bruising, but when I wanted to eat them I found they were all rotten inside. I think the same is true of many very attractive people - they're pretty bananas.

Life = problems + work + good things + bad things + [possibility of really bad things] + love + joy + sadness + sorrow + more work + more problems + surprises + same old same old + money problems + relationship problems + pain + ice cream + health problems + medical bills + expenses of all kinds + irritation + spending + (it's not finished yet!)

Some people are ruled by the head, some by the heart, and some by the stomach! In my case, I am at times ruled by the head and stomach, and sometimes by the heart and stomach. But always the stomach!

I believe there is not a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy who has not felt, on learning of Carrie Fisher's death on the 27th December 2016, something go out in their hearts.

Happy New Fear! May it not be as ghastly as the previous one!

Persevere in all the things you love.

A challenge to comedians: Can you do a whole show without resorting to low?

As I get to know you better more of my awesomeness will be revealed to you; as more of your awesomeness will be revealed to me.

Sometimes the shepherd can't get to the lost sheep in time, and they land up in the wolf's belly.

It is easier to make contact with God than with aliens.

How strange everything is!

At times it may not be possible to follow the letter of the law then follow its heart instead.

The tree fellers came, they buzz-sawed, and they garnered.

Laziness is, as laziness doesn't.

Realize when you are wasting precious time and get back on track!

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