Eugene Levich

Gold Star - 7,893 Points [Li Yuch'ing]

Eugene Levich Poems

1. Spring Dawn... By Meng Haoran (689? - 740) 3/21/2014
2. The Solitary Swan... (Thoughts I) By Zhang Jiuling 3/24/2014
3. Listening To The Rain... By Jian Liying 3/22/2014
4. Considering Pierre De Ronsard 4/13/2014
5. On Meeting An Old Friend... By Wei Yingwu (737—791 Ce) 4/22/2014
6. Searching For A Hermit Without Success... By Jia Dao (779–843 Ce) 4/23/2014
7. On Returning To My Village... By He Zhizhang 5/1/2014
8. A Boy’s First Love 10/2/2015
9. The Hajj Tragedy, Mecca,2015 10/24/2015
10. It's Tough! 11/25/2015
11. Barbara By Jacques Prévert, E. Levich, Trans. 12/7/2015
12. Something's Fishy Here 12/10/2015
13. The Garden By Jacques Prévert Translated By Eugene Levich 12/15/2015
14. Sunday By Jacques Prévert Translated By Eugene Levich 12/15/2015
15. Crows Cawing At Dusk By Li Bo - Translated By Eugene Levich 12/16/2015
16. Paris At Night By Jacques Prévert, Translated By 2/5/2016
17. French Composition By Jacques Prévert 2/5/2016
18. Chanson... By Jacques Prévert 2/5/2016
19. Poem To The Tune “the Green Jade Wine Bowl” By Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072 Ce) - Translation By Eugene Levich 11/15/2015
20. Sitting Alone Viewing Reverence Pavilion Mountain... By Li Bo... Translated By Eugene Levich 1/8/2016
21. Song... By Jacques Prévert. Translated By Eugene Levich 1/20/2016
22. Today's Question, January 20,2016 1/20/2016
23. Un-Sushi-Able Thoughts 8/24/2016
24. How Can One Not Love Italy? 9/22/2016
25. A Unique Fellow 9/6/2016
26. On Reading Freud 1/27/2017
27. River Snow By Liu Zongyuan, D.819 1/29/2017
28. How Do You Define A "Dorothy"? 1/30/2017
29. You And I -new- 8/11/2018
30. Thus Spake Zarathustra! -new- 8/12/2018
31. Red-Throated Humming Birds (A Poem Written In The Chinese Tang Dynasty Style) 9/3/2014
32. Walking Alone On A River Bank Seeking Flowers... By Du Fu (Early 8th Century) 3/20/2014
33. Lament Atop Youzhou Pagoda... By Chen Zi'Ang (D. Circa 700 Ce) 4/4/2014
34. The Forest Lover (Thoughts Ii) ... By Zhang Jiuling 4/20/2014
35. Reading Laozi - By Bai Juyi 3/19/2014
36. Snowy Owl 3/14/2014
37. Sailors Through The Sea Of Life 4/9/2014
38. Song Of The Ingénues... By Paul Verlaine 4/13/2014
39. Considering Verlaine 5/3/2014
40. Canonization... Sunday, April 27,2014, In Rome 4/27/2014

Comments about Eugene Levich

  • Walterrean Salley (11/8/2016 5:42:00 PM)

    An astute poet of impressive works.

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    0 person did not like.
  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (6/10/2016 5:11:00 PM)

    I'M SURE I DID not MEAN TO TYPE (on a self-correcting tablet) final exam when i first left a comment (below) about my friend Eugene aka Gino. i probably typed A fine young man...!

    bri :) technology! hmmph! ! !

  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (5/18/2016 3:23:00 PM)

    A final exam young (heh heh) man, but not (quite) as smart as I am.

    Anyone could pretend to translate poems from Chinese to English; who could tell? ?

    Bri :)

  • Sandra Feldman (8/11/2014 8:00:00 PM)

    Great Wisdom and Great Taste,
    A Gentleman of grace.

Best Poem of Eugene Levich

To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird... By Jacques Prévert

First paint a cage
With an open door
Then paint
Something pretty
Something simple
Something beautiful
Something useful
For the bird
Then place the canvas against a tree
In a garden
In a wood
Or in a forest
Hide yourself behind the tree
Without speaking
Without moving...
Sometimes the bird will arrive soon
But it could also easily take many years
For it to decide
Wait if necessary for years
The rapidity or slowness of the arrival of the bird
Has no connection with the success of the painting
When the bird arrives
If it ...

Read the full of To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird... By Jacques Prévert


When Joseph learned Mary had been impregnated by God,
He was furious!
Why is God messing around with my wife, he asked?
When Jesus was born, Joseph resented having to raise
A child not of his seed;
He began to drink—
He began to berate Mary—calling her unfaithful—
Not that Mary considered Joseph a bad guy—
She understood—

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