Eugene Levich Poems

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To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird... By Jacques Prévert

First paint a cage
With an open door
Then paint
Something pretty

A Thousand Poems- (In Honor Of Sandra Feldman)

As I watch the news
Or read history
I'm sickened by Human

Tragedy And Comedy

Tragedy and Comedy
So intertwined!
We are born to die:
That is the tragedy!

The Bonnie Brides Of Bri (In Honor Of Bri Edwards)

All the former Brides of Bri
How they sigh and sigh!
My, how they miss him—
That wonderful guy!

Catskill Winter,2015

Blowing snow
And it ain't cocaine
Though it's white
It's three feet deep,

Zhuang Zhou dreamt he was a butterfly.
The butterfly at waking became Zhuang Zhou.
One thing evolves into another.
Myriad things are just so.

Americans Now

They are informed of their needs by TV ads
They don't write long letters to their loved
They tweet

'All of life is but a dream
And dreams are but dreams! '
'Life is a frenzy...
A shadow, a fiction, an illusion...'

Who is BRI...
That all the Brains commend him?
(Sorry Shakespeare... Willy!)


Some baboons are clever.
One in New York City learned English
And can speak with a sixth-grade vocabulary.
Quite a feat!

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