Catskill Winter,2015 Poem by Eugene Levich

Catskill Winter,2015

Rating: 5.0

Blowing snow
And it ain't cocaine
Though it's white
It's three feet deep,
In drifts

Bones ache from head to toe
She says, "Go slow;
You'll have a heart attack.
Remember your back! "
Three blizzards in two weeks
Snow showers every day
Rake off the roof,
Then shovel
Afraid it will cave in, and
It very well may

The old snow blower this winter,
Has earned its pay

She can't get her car
Out of the
Thank the lord for my SUV!
Four-wheel drive
And off-road tires

I remember worse winters
Way back when
But I was forty years younger
Way back then

At least we haven't lost

Hot soup hits the spot
On a cold winter's night
Hope the deer
Find enough to eat

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Sandra Feldman 14 February 2015

Best weather report ever! Wonderful description felt the snow and the affliction that being there contends. Life, very hard in winter's jowls, my poor friend, wished a hand I could have lent. with all, you were still thinking of our animal friends, the deer, very touching at the end. Be well, stay warm and be careful. We need you to write Springs Sudden Birth.

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Bri Edwards 16 December 2015

Gino, to my/our December a showcase for PH poets, Section B................. immediately! bri :)

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Diane Hine 18 April 2015

A cold snap of a poem with a warm conclusion.

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Mj Lemon 14 April 2015

This poem is a real gem. It brings back so many memories...and I've never even been to the Catskills in winter. Really well done...

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Bri Edwards 18 March 2015

my favorite lines: I remember worse winters Way back when But I was forty years younger Way back then must have been some winters forty years ago, and BEFORE global warming. CAN you spell: I-c-e A-g-e? ? ? if it WERE cocaine, you'd probably have half of nyc and ct driving your way! with shovels! ! it would be gone in a jiffy; or is that a 'sniffy'? ? ? mind your baguette! ! ! bri :) attack/back......nice rhyming but a gruesome twosome!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 27 February 2015

Wow an awesome wintry scenes poem with exotic charms since i have only warm weathers. U wrote is so nicely with rhyming it in parts and other parts freeversing. So nice to read u again.

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