The Bonnie Brides Of Bri (In Honor Of Bri Edwards) Poem by Eugene Levich

The Bonnie Brides Of Bri (In Honor Of Bri Edwards)

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All the former Brides of Bri
How they sigh and sigh!
My, how they miss him—
That wonderful guy!
It's no lie—you can't deny
There's that knot they'd all re-tie.

Oh! How they miss their darling, long-lost Bri.
With each other they would continually vie
With ice cream and other goodies for him to buy
The kinds of bait that tempt Bri's eye
And particularly- with his greatest prize- pizza pie!

But 'Fie! '
He says,
'Before I'd quit the current Mme. Bri,
I'd cry, cry, and cry
Tears ‘id flow, flow, flow from each and every eye
And I'd just wish to die! '
'And that, Sonny Boy
Better not be a lie! '
Says the current Mme. Bri.

For Bri has almost equalled
Chaucer's Wife of Bath
In the number of spouses
That he hath.
And Henry VIII gives a jealous eye
To those numerous Brides of Bri!

Oh, why- oh, why can't I
Be so popular with the ladies fair—
I'm afraid I must despair
To ever equal that guy
With the Bonnie Brides of Bri!

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: humour
Valsa George 20 September 2014

This is a wonderful poem......sooooo amusing! Enjoyed it from the first line to the last! I can imagine how Bri is going to react to this rhyming write! Bri.... equal contestant with Wife of Bath and Henry VIII in grabbing spouses....! Just imagine! ! ! This has been one of the most humorous writes, I have read recently! Kudos!

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Bri Edwards 03 February 2015

dear Gino, i 'stumbled' on this gem just this afternoon, coincidentally after just having written a poem of my own inspired by a 'new' poem of Valsa George (see below) . this is certainly a fine tribute to a fine poet and all-around fine person................... ME! yes, very nice rhyming indeed, especially where the word is Bri! but now i seem to recall (sort of) reading this (i guess you sent it in a message to me) 'cause i remember you had to correct my interpretation of Mme.! and how many wives do i need to surpass the 'Wife of Bath'? was she named such because she bathed often? ...(these are rhetorical questions, sir) . and is SHE 'available'? ? (this one also) thanks. i enjoyed it (AGAIN i guess) very much. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 21 April 2018

..............AND more: I SEE yours has been in MyPoemList for three years. and there are 'tons' of other poems there starting with The! duh! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 21 April 2018

(cont.) ...Tears ‘id flow, flow, flow from each and every eye...every eye? does it look like i have more than two? most don't see the one at the back of my head, but YOU, sir, have 'been around', at least around my head! ! now i'd better get movin'; i've got lots to do. to MyPoemList and maybe a showcase? bri :) thanks. [i'll send mine.]

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Bri Edwards 21 April 2018

(continued) .. i don't remember the poem she says she wrote about me. NOW i'll 'have to' review THAT as well and send her a note; i haven't thought of here in a long time. and NOW i've reread TBBofB, again! it is a wonderful one, indeed! ! and i see the nice comment from dear Valsa, my next prospective bride of bri. (cont.) ..

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Bri Edwards 21 April 2018

i returned here 'cause i recently (almost) stole your title for a new poem i planned to write (and just yesterday finished) about my first three wives. but before finishing my poem it dawned on me....'Gino! wrote one with that title, didn't he? ? ? ' and sure enough; i've already left a comment! ! and i got a bonus today when i found Elena's comment; (cont.) ...

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Elena Plotkin 03 March 2016

My sides are splitting. My cheeks are hurting. I haven't laughed so hard in quite awhile. Thank you Eugene Levich for this wonderful poem. It reminds me of a poem I once wrote to Bri called Bri, The Reluctant Romantic To my ph friend Bri Edwards, the reluctant romantic, he who trusts marriage as one should've trusted the Titanic. he who feels that marriage is just smoke and mirrors, for the idiots, the fatalists, and the self-deceivers. yet when it comes to saying the fatal words of I do, he did so quite often and so eloquently too. He must've practiced the words quite a bit, To be able to say them and not have a fit. Oh, my ph friend Bri Edwards, you reluctant romantic, Remember there were some survivors of the Titanic! (C) 2014 Copyright Elena Plotkin Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed yours.

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