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Who made you the judge?
For criticising and blaming people for their errors.
Who made you the judge?
To tell people how to live their lives.

When the challenges of life break you down,
where do you go to for repair?
When life around you is crumbling,
who do you rush to for help?

Don't try to fit in.
Stand out.
Don't change your hair
to look like them.

Rejoice in your rejection.
Don't feel left out.
When one door shuts, another one will open.
Don't get angry because they don't call you.

Don't stay in unforgiveness
by drinking poison and expecting another person to die.
Let it go.
Forgiving someone is a gift to your soul.

The two shall become one but, I'm all alone.
I carry my burdens all alone.
But the two shall become one it is said.
How about my needs?

They never want to let you go
Yet they can't be there when you need them.
It's been ten years of going back and forth,
To and fro with the same lies.

Another chance? Not again!
I have given enough.
I'm tired of you walking out on me.
Putting me down to others

It takes trust to build love.
Without trust, we have nothing.
It all began with trusting your every word.
And believing you were my whole world

I can't hold my tears.
I can't take this pain.
My hero dad is gone.
At five years old, you took me to school.

At 3 am I got the news about your death
and thought it was a prank.
Then I read the text again
But saw it in double vision.

I'm a Grey rock.

Every one mustn't like you or be your fan.

The truth is, some people despise you for no reason.

Time doesn't wait for anyone
It goes and never comes back
Don't waste it and get frustrated later on
Why complain about not getting a job when?

We have seen it all.

There comes a time in our life when nothing can bring us down.

My best friend closer than a brother.
Encourages me when I'm down.
Never gossip about me.
Stands up for me in every situation

I heard that she did that horrible thing.
Oh no! Not again lies about me,
Stop lying about me.
Why not come closer to know more about me?

Get behind me jealousy,
I wanna be me.
I don't wanna be like everyone.
Stop feeding my mind with competitive thoughts.

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Works as an ESL Teacher in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Passionate about reading and writing. Loves the lord her God will all her heart and with all her strength.)

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Who Made You The Judge?

Who made you the judge?
For criticising and blaming people for their errors.
Who made you the judge?
To tell people how to live their lives.
Judging how good or bad a woman takes care of her husband.
Judging how kind or abusive a man treats his wife.
Who made you the judge?
For trying to fix people's problems when you are in a worse situation than them.
For trying to mend broken marriages when you are not married.
Who made you the judge?
Poking your nose into people's business.
Intruding in other people privacy.
Creating enmity among people.
Showing off to be a better human.
Why are you so judgemental?
Cast the first stone if you are without mistakes.
Look yourself in the mirror.
Can you count the hair on your head?
I guess not!
So stop judging people because the one who created us is the only judge.
God didn't make you a judge.

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You need to have the vision to go for a mission. And to reach the destination, you need directions.

The secret to living a successful life is to identify each season of your life.

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