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Am a teenager soon to turn twenty. Am a student at Tertiary level studying Bachelor of Arts in Education program at Mzuzu University in Malawi a country in Africa. I have a passion of becoming an advanced writer more especially in the category of poetry and also promote my fellow writers to be known to the world. I feel like PoemHunter is not just ...

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A gaze in the night sky

Got me looking at the snail's pace fading clouds.


I follow the dying star to the awaiting place

Striding through the motion between time & space


"Nothing is more peaceful than a moment of silence"

Sometimes I wish those words were always true.

Melanin Damsel

There's something graceful about her
Something that can sweep a Persian prince off his feet
Like the ocean waves off the Durban shore
Striding with pride yet exquisite

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01 May 2019

Conquer the so-called inner demons to unravel the glimmer of light inside of you

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