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I wanted to do new
then i switched on the internet
And searched for rock
then i got a site

Sweet Dream
Sleeping Sleeping Sleeping dear
when we are sleeping dreams come and our wishes become true
we are happy in our dream

when i opened my eyes you were there with me
you took me in your hands
your eyes were sparkling
then you said to God

in the darkness of night when there is too silence
i have one pray to god just take you in right way

in the crowd of people when voices are high

It was in the month of May
On a hot summer day
When i spoke my feelings to her in gay
By thinking of, might she pay

I was very depressed what i did
thinking about how the day was it
had lot tension in my mind
i wanted to relax but i can't

We live and die
Say hi and bye
For all the sake
Don't let me wake


Once upon a time, a crow was flying
With its injured wings
With a hope of
He can fly high and high

The year has passed
The New Year has arrived
All the pains sadness and angriness has become past
All the happiness, sweetness and love has arrived

To met u
I realize what sincerity is
becoming a friend of you
I realize what friendship is

Always miss the time
When we and he were together
The time we laughed
The time we cried

The darkest hour of my life
Was the spring’s hottest night
When I watched a dream in excite
That dream in my memory is still bright

The one who was composed of Love and clothed in the dress of truth, Who was cognizant of world's affairs, She was careless about world but Cautious of her mistakes,

My eyes see the reflection of broken pieces of glass
I see the broken dreams of innocent hearts
Terror surges like a flood
Blue skies turn as to red blood

One midnight I was wandering
Under the dazzling sky
Under a heavy rain
There was a thunder at the sky

Oh god you are so great
You not only rules on sun and moon
You rules on aunts and hills
You protect us from all danger

Sun was setting
I was sitting, side of her
Beneath the shelter
Front of sun


Who comes next your Mother?
Who comes next your father?
Who is the one,
You share secrets with?

In the stairs of my life
I learnt much in turns
Which lead me to think
Why I am so stink?

Many years have spent
Many nights have passed
Many people came and gone
Many happiness came and gone

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Aslamoalikum Welcome to the poem wall of 'Fatima Obaid' Writing is an art gifted by God and there is no wonder of mine. Writing is my passion. I love to write and I live to write. Do leave your comments. Your suggestions and criticisms are higly appreciated. ThankYou for your visit. Love.?)

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*****rock Hunter ****

I wanted to do new
then i switched on the internet
And searched for rock
then i got a site
full of poems
fulllof poets
full of quiz
full of stories
full of rock
full of joy
i made friends on it
i uploaded my poems on it
i commented a lot on it
i learn alot from it
that site is soo amazing
that site is soo rocking
it hunts my poems
it hunts my talent
That great site is poemhunter
full of rock hunter
so i don't call it poem hunter
i call it as rock hunter

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Muhammad Talha 13 July 2018

Hi how are you

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Khalida Bano Ali 12 October 2014

Fatima Obaid is a promising poetess, I hope very soon her name I shall see in the topmost poets of this web.

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David Mclansky 01 November 2013

As an old poet, I would suggest that you try not to rhyme, but express your thoughts. The rhyming would come after that quite naturally, given your gift for song

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Fatima Obaid Quotes

Sometimes just a soft handy touch on your shoulder is enough to break your feeling out in tears...

some good people comes in our life to give us happiness, sadness, experiences but the one that realizes us of 'why we have been created? ' are the worthy one :)

Trust on the person instead of the rumour.

perfect-wise Decision Between the battle of heart and mind I let the Conscience to Win.

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Fatima Obaid Popularity

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