Say That You Love Me Poem by FRAGMENTS AND PIECES

Say That You Love Me

When the morning of one day was broken
when the stars that shines in the darkness started hidin'
and the moon has taken back its sweet beam
when all the coldness of the night was leavin'
when everything that surrounds stop to be deafen'
and the lullaby that the thrush is givin'
now fading to be lost in a glance from seein'
i have borne in my heart the current of desirin'
but the wind brought the odds beyond my understandin'
yet the morning dew remain undrained
and the desert land have nourished the oasis like heaven
there is no any warning of lovely and gentle rain
yet all the forces deep within
remain to be faithfully waitin'
until the words are uttered by what i have been dreaming
can you feel pain of waitin'
can you hear the voice i cant make my tongue speakin'

[naga mykelle.8oct2011]
can you read the sign i keep doin'
i wish those are enough to get your hearin'
and you will say the phrases of my wantin'
tell me before you will be taken again
say those words before ill be fadin'
say promptly before ill melt away in the evenin'

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