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Beware before all else: facile poems bore me. Except when they don't. I believe poetry is the hardest art. Doggerel and cute school-girl rhymes are not art. Unless they are.

Perfection is basic. Notice what you notice, with attention and alacrity write, record with wisdom, vision and some kind of enlivening wind in your lungs and mind.

Drive. But watch out where you're going, where you've been, know the last color you saw before you blinked. Before you faltered. In the moment of being most human. In the moment.

Have faith and up-hold the ideals that make us as a species, as individuals, most worthy of emulation.

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Babs Turpin 02 January 2017

Read all crow poems. Much taken by their atmosphere and mesmerism. Highly enjoyed.

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Lantz Pierre Popularity

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