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Do you feel it?
It has such strength, energy
Can foster magical wonders,
or darkest hours.

You must have faith
to survive in this life
You have to
believe in yourself

We Are
A Small Earth!
Especially in
the present times

Life doesn't
always go
as planned
There are


It can strike
at any time
from a
small miscue

It certainly is
It comes
from years of
understanding, insight, thought

It's something
that all of us do
at one time or another.
It's usually not intentional

That's the description
I can give
whenever I
see your face,

I worry about you
all the time
I pray
that you are

When you're
sitting with your Son
late at night,
discussing things

The enormity of the situation
clouded my perspective
resulting in a sense
of imposed delirium

Reality can
be anything
you want
it to be!

It's something
that we
all strive for- - - - -
Some have

That's the key - -
You may not
think so

When you get
three square
meals a day
you don't


While you're writing
at times
you feel insecure
in what you're doing

Don't dwell
on the Past
Nothing good
can come of it.

I try to
make it up
to everyone
I've ever


When you're
awake at 3AM
you feel a
calmness, peacefulness,

That's what
life is
short & sweet
You're born

Frank Sheehan Biography

Frank Sheehan is a widely published American poet having been published since 1996. His books include 7 chapbooks and 3 full-length collections. He has been a featured reader at venues throughout New York City and Long Island. He was born in Manhattan and currently resides in Long Beach, New York.
His degrees include a BS from the University at Albany, an MBA from New York Institute of Technology and a law degree from New York Law School.

The Best Poem Of Frank Sheehan

The Power Of Love

Do you feel it?
It has such strength, energy
Can foster magical wonders,
or darkest hours.
Triumphed over evil
taken people to highest heights
produced the miracle of life
Torn apart civilizations,
cemented societies
established hierarchies.
It has caused Wars, death, destruction.
It can make days seem brighter,
the heavens seem near
It is a bond that is
stronger than material possessions
Created mysteriously with
no way to define it
having a long lasting impression
that will embellish long after
the flames have burned low.

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Frank Sheehan Popularity

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