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My girl would you go with me,
in an alley, where solitude blooms?
I feel your love in stealthy glance,
in the quietly burning candle in my soul.

In my silent chat with
flowers plants and trees.
In my lonely wanderings
in silent valleys and atop hills;


I took a few tender rustling steps,
on the road not taken by many.

Come birdie and stay for a while,
on a tiny wilted branch of my soul.
Sing to my weary spirit and awaken it,
after the melody of my lonely heart.

When I leave you and your sacred dwelling;
often without a thought of Prayer,
but a grief-stricken sigh
is raised to You.

From mountain of Love the river rises,
It flows gently and calmly, kissing and embracing,
both banks on its way to the ocean of love,
watering every vine and bramble, fig and thorn

A lovely golden deer grazing in the distance,
in the captivating meadow of my fantasy,
near the stream of my charming spirit,
in the land of my love's imperium.

I am still on your banks;
a hermit contemplating-
on your little waves, its silent music,
the treasures of your heart, your beauty.

Stand still and hear with your inner ears
The sound of the Lord walking in Paradise
His lovely walk from afar
Hear in the rhythms of Nature, His creature

To have a friend like you is everybody's dream.
To be one among your choicest friends is my dream.

You are a Holy Crib, where we find God,

In Horeb* in Elijah`s cave,
i keenly wait in each resonance,
the mighty Lord moves,
in sounds of sheer silence.

A soothing Breeze knocked at my door gently
As i opened she came in and kissed so lovely....

My pink cactus catches everyone`s heart, but
she hides under her petals spines of apathy.
Tiny but lovely moments I shared with her,
now hurt deep in her mere negligence and,

Amidst the singing birds, I hear your voice,
In colorful dahlias, I search for your beauty,
through your eyes, I've learned to admire,
The dance of nature, in all its creatures.

As I walked towards night,
the evening came across my way.
We went together to a beach.
As we await the sunset,

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My girl would you go with me,
in an alley, where solitude blooms?
I feel your love in stealthy glance,
in the quietly burning candle in my soul.

'Go with me', I speak to your soul.
I hide my grief in pondered verse.
Unnoticed I weep in fine allegory,
which I choose to speak to the world.

When I feel shunned and lonely
tread by my side close to me
Take away the burden of my soul,
console and make me laugh again.

My girl I see through your eyes,
the world with its magical beauty.
Singing of birds, enchanting streams,
glory of flowers, splendor of nature.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 June 2019

I came across your name this very morn and read your fascinating poem about God, Jesus and Christmas. I enjoyed very much, just want to tell you through this text. So many poets in your country, but you belong to the few poets who truly believes in God, Jesus and of course The Holy Spirit. God´s Blessings In Abundance, Amen.

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Prabir Gayen 21 February 2019

A very beautiful and talented poet....dear poet my thanks...

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