0978..... Belief Vs Trust Poem by Gan Chennai

0978..... Belief Vs Trust

Rating: 4.7

Belief is Doubtful, Trust is Certain
Belief is from Mind, Trust is from Heart
Belief is Lip Service; Trust is Heart Felt
Believe many; Trust only a Few
Believing is Easy, Trusting is Hard
Belief scores 50%, Trust scores 100%
Belief is Ordinary; Trust is Extra-ordinary
Belief is Start point; Trust is End Point
Belief is Limited; Trust is infinite
Belief is Shaking Hands, Trust is Embracing
Belief keeps Control; Trust gives up control
Belief is jumping opportunities; Trust is staying
Belief is not Time Tested; Trust passes Tough Times
Belief is Partial; Trust is Complete
Believe in Thoughts; Trust your Intuition
Belief in God is Attempting; Trust in God is Surrender
Belief is Important; Trust is Essential
Belief is Plastic Rose; Trust is Real Rose

(23-June-2010, Chennai)

Shadhin 25 December 2017

Add a comment. CAnnaiar gan amaka KOB valo lagasa

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Thabo Rasego 14 March 2012

Well written and well said! Belief is fiction, trust is factual!

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Mike W 30 January 2011

I like your creativity. I just recently started to use writing as a way to elevate my stress and depression from my life in a healthy manner. great work.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 24 June 2010

Good. You have tried to establish your doctrine by so...so many logics....really intelligent game I think. And better say, poetry does not appear if you have no trust about poetry has the power to fight against the dark of life. You have filled your canvass with very positive thought. Thank you poet. Write more..... Regards, 10+ Apoet Bangla

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Gita Ashok 23 June 2010

A wonderful, thought-provoking composition contrasting belief and trust. Thanks for sharing.

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