George Bernard Hough Poems

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I look in my mirror and what do I see?
A young child at play
so happy and gay
looking at me

My Genes

Deep inside my dna
wherein my characteristics lay.
A gene exists, it can be seen,
to make my eyes, brown, blue, or green.

His Last Letter

To the one that I love who will soon be my wife.
I write from a land filled with trouble and strife.
Just marking the days passing by oh so slow
`till I`m there beside you then they will all know,

Global Warming

Global warming is harming our planet
and fossil fuels make this come true
by footprints of carbon from vehicles
even the ones that are new.

In Memory

We knew the time would have to come

when our loving pair, with god`s will done,

Make My Day

It goes without having to say
that certain things can, make our day.
Dog, human being or cat
we all like to know where its at.

In Gratitude Wwii

My life so far is seventy years
a life that`s had its joys and tears.
A life I`ve cherished every day
whether it was work or play.

Everyone Is Getting Older But Me

I`ve lived here now for forty years,
happy times with so few cares.
I walk along my village street,
sometimes with my neighbours meet,

Man`s Best Friend

You came into our lives bringing love and trust,
your` affection had no strings.
We played together walked together slept together,
The faith you had in us reserved for kings.


He appears from a hole with real intent,
acting alone? or was he sent?
He makes his way, a treacherous route
to see what this human beings about!

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