In Gratitude Wwii Poem by George Bernard Hough

In Gratitude Wwii

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My life so far is seventy years
a life that`s had its joys and tears.
A life I`ve cherished every day
whether it was work or play.
Thousands gave their lives for me,
some even came across the sea.
From the British Empire of the day,
and our staunch ally the USA.
And though they never knew my name,
they came and gave it just the same,
so that I, could live a life
with laughing children loving wife.
When my generation turn to dust
I hope the new remember just,
how much they owe to these brave men,
give a prayer of thanks, and then,
let the memory of their sacrifice persist.
For without them, they, would not exist.

Copyright B Hough 2010

Kaila George 26 June 2012

I know of what you speak, children of today do not know how lucky they are. Even I was born in time that was free of war, never seen death close at hand, never had to sit and wait for loved ones to return home, how can fathom a war, if Iven never expreienced it before.

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Renu Kakkar 29 September 2011

very good, deep feelings portrayed here

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