George Dumbarton Poems

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L'Ll Never Leave

Words cannot describe how l feel for you,
I hope you believe my love is true,
I am going to keep you locked in my heart,
I always have, even from the start,

Magical Love

l write poems in mind,
Expressing my feeling for you,
l think about you all day long,
The thoughts of seeing you keep me strong.

Money Always

Armed with a dollar sign,
Sugar daddies are dancing a jig-saw dance,
Stamping the sweet sixteens down to thirteen,
Blinding them with a pound sign,

In Memory Of My Mother

My mother was a woman principles,
Always sticking to her principles,
She was dedicated and committed to her utmost,
To do her utmost to her children,

Two Things

In this life we live, there are two things involved,
Its either you are a man or you are a woman,
If you are a woman, you are safe,
But, if you are a man, there are two things involved,

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